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In this series of articles we provide resources for small businesses, such as the hottest startup accelerators and incubators, tips on applying for funding, and advice on hiring freelancers. Small and medium sized businesses around the world often need handholding while getting started, scaling up, or launching a new product or service. In many industries, established companies take up the bulk of the market share, which means that new businesses have to be even more competitive and resilient to thrive.

From applying for funding to sourcing the best talent, small businesses have several challenges to face. However, with the remote work revolution, they can now access the best talent from anywhere around the globe. Whether that means working with freelance scientists or building entire remote teams, businesses now have access to a wider range of resources that they can tap into. The availability of such expertise is levelling the playing field and in some cases, giving SMBs the much needed competitive advantage that they need.

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