Structural Equation Modelling in Data Science and Biostatistics: Kolabtree Whitepaper

Structural Equation Modelling or (SEM) is a modern multivariate analysis method useful for complex and interrelated data. It’s significance lies in the analysis of medical/health-related data and survey Datenanalyse, and can be useful for human-resource management, marketing research, public policy-related studies, etc.
The structural equation modelling whitepaper, published by Kolabtree, is authored by Dr. Tomoe Gusbertifreiberuflich wissenschaftlicher Berater auf Kolabtree. Offering research methodology und Datenanalyse services on Kolabtree, Tomoe comes from a pharmaceutical background, and also holds a doctorate in industrial engineering.
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The whitepaper, focusing on structural equation modelling, comprises a narrative that seeks to illustrate the variety of applications alongside the major concepts like mediation and moderation.
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