9 Medical Device Conferences Worth Attending in 2019


The medical devices industry is experiencing a massive transformation. Multi-billion dollar acquisitions in 2018 have consolidated the industry while enabling smarter digital healthcare companies to flourish beside med-tech giants such as Boston Scientific, Stryker, and the like. Medical device conferences 2019 are worth attending for all SMBs and startups.

Various faculty and scholar societies, public service organizations and med-tech companies organize annual or bi-annual events on medical devices engineering to increase awareness on medical device regulations, applications of medical technologies, market new treatment devices and discuss the challenges facing the medical device industry.

At industry events, professionals from small and big businesses engage in medical device marketing and medical media presentations. Patient safety advocacy groups look forward to attending medical device conferences in major economies such as North America and Europe with a host of business & social objectives.

Attending these industry events helps new medical device marketers understand the industry up close and also provides great opportunities to communicate with their respective target audience more effectively. If you are a medical device professional or looking to meet medical device professionals for business or other purposes, make sure you are attending these 10 conferences on the Medical Device industry to ensure you meet the right experts for your projects. Here are the medical device conferences 2019:

1.  Washington DC)

The first and foremost thing to do when a medical technology professional has started out on a career in the medical devices industry is get well versed with the regulations, guidance documents, standards and goals set by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The AdvaMed Medical Devices and Diagnostics Statistical Issues Conference is being organized by the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). It offers one of the best places to learn about the nuances of the medical device industry and the key developments shaping its future.

The objectives set for this year’s event are real-world evidence, software as a Medical Device, and Artificial intelligence/Machine learning for medical diagnostics. Attendees should also look forward to listening to keynote speeches by Dr. Sherri Rose, Associate Professor at the Harvard Medical School who would be talking about simple designs vs. complex devices in healthcare. Registration Link: Here

2. FDA/Xavier MedCon Conference 2019 (April 30 to May 3, 2019; Cincinnati, OH)

Another event that welcomes members of the industry, public service organizations, research faculties, and regulatory executives is the FDA/Xavier MedCon which offers a platform for networking with key officials from the regulatory agency as well as learning about the innovative ideas driving the industry’s future. If there’s something medical device marketers definitely want to know, it’s certainly about the new products launching, especially those of the leading makers. The FDA MedCon 2019 event is one of the memorable events you could be attending this year where there’s a chance to listen to keynote speakers like Jeff Shuren, Director of the CDRH, Corlis Murray, Quality Assurance, Regulatory/R&D at Abbott, and Phil Pontikos, National Device Expert at the FDA. Registration link here.

3. MedTech Forum Europe 2019 (May 14 to 16, 2019; Paris)

This Medical Technology industry event is a congress of medical device companies, small entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, MedTech experts, healthcare stakeholders and academic scientists as they discuss new innovations, target patient groups with unmet medical needs, shrinking applicability of medical devices, and other challenging aspects of the biomedical device industry. As of 2019, the Global MedTech Conference (GMTCC) will be included in the MedTech Forum. Organized jointly by MedTech Europe and AdvaMed for over a decade, the conference brings together the international healthcare compliance community to partake in conversations on new solutions & partnerships to tackle critical compliance challenges in biomedical research and engineering. Registration Link: Here

4. Medical Sensors Design Conference 2019 (June 25, 2019; San Jose, CA)

Research and development techies have the inherent need to stay aware of industry headwinds coming in the form of device-related deaths, device malfunctions, and rejection cases to deal with in order to stay relevant in the sector.

The Medical Sensors Design Conference is an avenue to cater to that necessity – it is where the technical minds in healthcare meet to discuss design challenges and learn about tactical solutions that make devices more robust to serve the purpose of treatment or diagnosis. This year’s event features talks on Blood & Oxygen Meters, Artificial Intelligence in Medical Devices, ECG and its application in treatment, management of ambulatory conditions and Non-Vascular Therapies in different therapeutic areas. Registration & Brochure link: Here.

5. Medical Wearables 2019 (May 14 to 15, 2019; San Jose, CA)

Wearable devices are making a splash in all parts of the world for their use in medical diagnostics. Wearable ECGs, EEGs, glucose monitors, and health monitors possibly will become more popular in the future owing to their flexibility, lightweight and portable design as device design scientists keep making developments on them. The Medical Wearables conference offers a wonderful opportunity for executives to learn about their applications and also to innovate them in order to bring down costs, improve their designs and make them robust for longlasting use. Attend this event to discover possibilities in the medical wearables market, future of medical devices with wearability features, and also witness the greatest innovations emerging in the wearable medical devices industry. More information available here.

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6. Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019 (Sept 25 to 26, 2019; Cambridge, UK)

When it comes to healthcare, one cannot ignore the applicability and innovations in biomedical sensors. Wearable devices have become so ubiquitous in healthcare that now, tech giants like Apple have announced their foray into it; in fact, last year, the tech biggie received FDA clearance for the world’s first built-in ECG on a consumer device and even launched it on the market.

Which other big budget consumer wearable gadget is hitting the market soon? What is the current status of IBM Watson’s application in disease diagnosis? Questions like these and more will obviously keep coming and bracing for promotional events such as the Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019 is the smartest way to find out what’s coming up next. Don’t miss this opportunity, attend this event and get ready to be dazzled by the upcoming advancements coming up in the field of healthcare sensors. Get the brochure here.

7. World Conference on Quality & Improvement 2019 (May 20 to 22, 2019; Fort Worth, TX)

The field of biomedical research has witnessed tremendous advancement in the past few years even as medical tech giants have had their times challenged by skeptics and consumers. Valeant, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon have had some tough times recently while balancing the wheels of innovation in their R&D units. Regulations on medical devices have undergone continuous improvements to make them more compatible with clinical trials. The American Society of Quality (ASQ), which is a global community of quality professionals including a big section of healthcare quality improvement professionals, is organizing the World Conference on Quality & Improvement where over 2,500 industry attendees will discuss enhancements in big data’s applicability in decision making and improve healthcare systems.

For medical R&D techies, the ASQ is hosting workshops and training sessions during the 3-day conference on Quality Audit in Healthcare, Cost of Quality in Medical Devices and Improving Big Data in Healthcare. These opportunities are key to revolutionizing medical device innovations and medical devices safety. Check out the registration link to learn more.

8. Wearable USA 2019 (Nov 20 to 21, 2019; Santa Clara, CA)

Wearable technologies are taking the tech and healthcare industries by a storm as they make devices compact, portable, biocompatible and provide increased sensitivity & precision in healthcare sensors. So  IDTechEx, one of the leading electronics companies based out of the United Kingdom, is organizing the Wearable USA to provide a platform for electronics, software & healthcare industry to interact deeply and connect on wearable sensors, diagnostic devices, nanotechnologies in biomedical research and treatment. The 2019 edition brings together over 250 speakers from device manufacturing companies as they discuss challenges in bringing treatment devices to market, device manufacturing quality & regulations, and most importantly, new innovations such as flexible sensors, haptics, graphene materials. Here is the registration link.

9. AAMI Exchange 2019 (June 7 to 10, 2019; Cleveland, OH)

The American Association of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) is one of the elite medical technology societies which invites MedTech professionals from government research organizations, medical device companies, and biomedical research startups. AAMI is the primary source of consensus standards, both national and international, for the medical device industry, as well as practical information, support, and guidance for healthcare technology and sterilization technicians. AAMI helps members to stay on top of new technology and policy developments and learn new ways to implement cost-effective medical technologies. The AAMI Exchange this year aims to bring you industry and regulatory news, industry standards and initiate activities towards counteracting rare disease conditions with limited treatment options. Register soon here.

Mark your calendar and look for reservations soon! These were the medical device conferences 2019
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