10 Healthcare Analytics Conferences to Attend in 2019


Biomedical researcher and freelance scientist Mahasweta Pal provides a comprehensive list of the top healthcare analytics conference events to attend in 2019. 

Healthcare analytics has evolved significantly in the last decade; yet, it still seems like this is just the beginning. From data-derived clinical trial designs to artificial-intelligence powered medical devices, healthcare analytics has become a rapidly developing field.

While healthcare organizations express considerable interest in exploring cutting edge healthcare analytics tools in early drug discovery, clinical trials optimization, and providing real-world evidence, there still exists a considerable gap in the accurate understanding of the applications of data analytics in transforming healthcare.

Attending industry events & conferences offer a good opportunity for professionals to discuss, propagate and gain proficiency in the upcoming field of healthcare analytics while experiencing an atmosphere of fresh camaraderie along with business prospects.

If you are looking for suggestions on which healthcare analytics events are the right fit for you, this list of 10 conferences might help you select the ones you definitely should not miss.

1. Annual Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning Meeting for Advanced Drug Discovery (May 29-30, 2019; London, UK)

The event is a prestigious platform for professionals in all branches of healthcare to initiate business development & networking activities. Professionals from all aspects of medical/hospital/healthcare industry come here to meet peers, industry veterans and build a community of big data professionals for the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry. Attendees can also benefit for the lecture sessions on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery: Data and Tools; Deploying AI for Accelerated Drug Screening; and Rethinking Drug Discovery Process Using AI&ML: A New Paradigm. 

2. Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit (April 29-30, 2019; San Diego, CA)

Data-driven decision making is driving healthcare organizations across geographies. While business strategy in healthcare and pharmaceuticals companies continues to remain the cornerstone for innovation, applying predictive analytics tools and methods has been shown to save a mammoth task of piecing out the technology needs of the healthcare industry. Predictive analytics brings data scientists and biopharma R&D scientists together to make new drug development projects more affordable and market-oriented for small and big pharma companies. The Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit is an event that invites data scientists and other data science professionals to attend more than 20 roundtable discussions on the evolving needs of healthcare analytics industry with keynote speakers from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM. Registration link here.

3. Real Business Intelligence (May 14-15, 2019; Cambridge, MA)

The use of business intelligence tools is fast increasing in healthcare. From medical device marketing to pharmaceutical product promotions, big data has been at the front and center for it all. Data analysts, business development executives and database managers interact on multiple debate sessions to learn, discover and unveil new business solutions over the present ones. Using powerful business intelligence tools to strategize healthcare decision making is now opening more doors for healthcare practitioners with the help of Artificial intelligence-enabled machine learning algorithms. Registration link here.

4. Big Data Corp (June 12-13, 2019; Toronto, Canada)

Industry leaders are looking for different avenues of healthcare to bring about transformative changes. Even the FMCG healthcare sector is evolving in terms of market dynamics & bigger opportunities. ‘Big Data Toronto’ is designed to give attendees from hospitals & healthcare systems a 360-degree view of the FMCG & healthcare retail sectors in terms of scope for data scientists to turnaround marketing and advertising returns in all verticals of healthcare. Currently, the event is hosting 5,000 attendees, 150 speakers, 90 exhibiting brands and counting. Registration link here.

5. PAW Healthcare (June 16-20, 2019; Las Vegas, NV)

This event is a good place to interact with veterans in the hospital and healthcare system whose experienced words show the avenues of change in the business of healthcare. Talking with leaders, policymakers and listening to keynote speeches from the C-suite provides an insiders view to invitees. The utility of predictive analytics in healthcare data management is vast, and the Predictive Analytics World Healthcare conference is a forum that discusses the challenges and solutions in this upcoming arena of development. Attending this event also helps to gain an understanding of Public Policy, Healthcare market outreach and gaps in healthcare opportunities. Registration link here.

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6. Healthcare Analytics Summit 2019 (Sept 10-12, 2019; Salt Lake City, UT)

It is very common for academic data scientists, research scholars in biostatistics and statistical methods to look for events that would help them grow in their career. One of the conferences that really offers data science scholars and Ph, D. holders a platform to interact with data analytics companies specializing in healthcare. At the Healthcare analytics summit this year, organized by Health Catalyst, professionals from digital pharma, medical device companies, and healthcare data managers from public organizations will gather to present fundamental survival strategy opportunities in the new world of digital healthcare. There will also be in-depth discussions on EHR data handling and safety tools, giving Ph, D. holders a chance to participate in poster presentations. Registration link here.

7. BioData World West 2019 (October 10-11, 2019; San Diego, CA)

This event will feature keynote addresses by Global Heads of R&D, Digital Pharma heads from leading Technology and Healthcare organizations and offers interactive workshop sessions for small businesses as they picture the healthcare industry from an insider’s perspective. Genomics, proteomics and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare form the crux of the discussions at the BioData World West 2019 Congress. Attending execs can also experience amazing chatshows with industry veterans in healthcare, where informal engagements bring to life a variety of meaningful conversations. Registration link here.

8. AI Application Summit Biopharma (Nov 11-12, 2019; Boston, MA)

The “AI Application Summit Biopharma” is a prestigious event which features a refined list of industry speakers and participants from Sanofi, Genentech, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Janssen, Vertex, Novartis and GSK – pharmaceutical companies leading the race in adopting AI and advanced data analytics to facilitate the drug discovery process. Not only is this a good platform to increase your business prospects as a freelance scientist, but it is also a great platform for learning the revolutionizing effect of artificial intelligence in the biopharma industry. Attendees stand to benefit from the multiple opportunities to present their research work using big data visualization and analysis tools while engaging with industry executives for project-building activities. Registration link here.

9. Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum (October 22-23, 2018; Boston, MA)

The ‘Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum’ is targeted towards beneficiaries and executives working on healthcare revenue cycle management systems. An attendee at the event is sure to witness the longstanding debates on controversial issues like drug pricing, 340B Discount Program, patient data security, prevention of data breaches, and provider payments. The event is a registration-only event and provides amazing opportunities to connect through channelized networking activities with prospective clients. Registration link here.

10. AI4Healthcare (Nov 11-12, 2019; New York City)

Hospital administration systems, healthcare payers and health insurance companies are unlocking the full potential of big data of patient care systems to reduce the cost of healthcare delivery while managing access to life-changing treatments. The event marks a bridge between technology, healthcare, and business strategy wherein data scientists can visualize a full spectrum of healthcare data analytics avenues  Make yourself acquainted with the upcoming technologies of machine learning & AI robots by being a part of this prestigious event. Registration link here.

Got an event to add to the list? Leave a comment and we’ll add it to our list!

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