Make winning decisions powered by comprehensive data analytics

Whether you deal with the academia or industry side of things, the raw data you have is an invaluable source of information. But the challenge lies in evaluating it precisely. Kolabtree's highly qualified data science experts help you analyze, organize, visualize and interpret diverse and large sets of data. They also represent complex data as a coherent whole, which helps you easily discover correlations, monitor trends, draw important inferences, and determine your next course of action.

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Consult with experts with a wide range of experience in data analytics

Hire a mathematician, astrophysicist, statistician, or similar expert with core experience in working with large data sets

Get expert help in structuring and organizing raw data to prepare for your primary analyses

Get an extra pair of hands to perform secondary analyses that corroborate your main findings

Derive deeper insights from your data using advanced analytic methodologies and techniques

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Our Data Analytics Services

Data analysis

Get a comprehensive analysis of your data on a micro level and obtain meaningful insights

Data interpretation

Hire an expert to confirm whether your data support your hypothesis or justify your conclusions

Data visualization

Recognize patterns easily when your data is organized into tables, charts, graphs and other effective visuals

Power your next steps with unambiguous, data-driven strategies
with the help of skilled experts

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Success Story

An Amazon reseller got an expert to analyze his data and successfully boosted his sales.

An Amazon reseller needed help with analyzing data on Amazon Best Seller Rank metrics to help him predict the volumes of sales of certain products over a period of time. He also wanted the expert to be familiar with MySQL and Amazon’s AWS services. Within days of posting his project, the client received six proposals from highly experienced data analysts from across the globe. After carefully looking through all bids, the client decided to go ahead with Dr. Pooja Rao for his project. Dr. Rao came up with a statistical model for the project, which the client was so happy with that he offered her another project even before the current one was completed!