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Data Science
eye detection pupil detection
USD 1500 - USD 2000 Fixed fee
I have a app that records a video of a human beings eye. I need a app ...
October 15, 2018
Secondary Research
Estimating performance of less capital intensive biological carbon capture systems
USD 300 - USD 700 Fixed fee
We are working on a research project for a potential spin-off startup ...
October 15, 2018
Flipped classes in higher education how to implement in Iraqi universities
USD 20 - USD 150 Fixed fee
A review article about the flipped classes , how they improve learning ...
October 11, 2018
Experiment design
New Insights Community Methodology Development
USD 500 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
We are developing a new insights community for health-conscious consum ...
October 09, 2018
Data Science
Data Analysis with RExcel
USD 40 - USD 80 Fixed fee
Case study analysis with R commands or Excel
October 07, 2018
Statistical review
Kaplan Meir Curve for Medical Oncology Research project
USD 50 - USD 100 Fixed fee
I am doing a research project on an retrospective audit of metastatic ...
October 04, 2018
Scientific consulting
Find a professional to formulate skin lightening line that I want to start companyShas Creations
USD 30 per hour Hourly fee
Formulate safe, extra strength natural ingredients dark skin lightenin ...
September 30, 2018
The influence of Emotional intelligence on medical professionalism
USD 150 - USD 900 Fixed fee
Literature overview of emotional intelligence training in medical stud ...
September 26, 2018
Data Science
Data analysis
USD 20 - USD 600 Fixed fee
Looking to describe the characteristics and outcomes of anal cancers i ...
September 21, 2018
Pharma Data curation for Research Project
USD 300 - USD 500 Fixed fee
I'm doing a research project on identifying molecular target trends in ...
September 20, 2018