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Secondary Research
Stem Cells
USD 300 - USD 700 Fixed fee
I am a personal trainer that specializes in HIT (High Intensity Traini ...
Scientific consulting
Steps for Seperation and Purification of Proteins Polyphenols and Sugars from Hydrolysate
USD 60 - USD 150 Fixed fee
Need to find out cost and most suitable way to separate an aqueos extr ...
Statistical review
Femoral Neck Fracture Study
USD 500 - USD 600 Fixed fee
I have completed a randomised controlled study, comparing two differen ...
Data Science
Data analysis of Likert Scale data
USD 250 - USD 1100 Fixed fee
The scope of work for this project is to conduct a statistical analysi ...
Data Science
Extract a Database Insights from 4000 word docs and pdfs
USD 250 - USD 500 Fixed fee
We have more than 4000 documents in word or PDF. We need consulting in ...
Company Profile with Branding Creative Writer
USD 90 - USD 300 Fixed fee
We have established a company that has 36 years experience in the worl ...
Scientific consulting
Essential OilNatural Flavor formulation expert
USD 200 per hour Hourly fee
We are looking for an expert to help determine essential oil/natural f ...
Data Science
eye detection pupil detection
USD 1500 - USD 2000 Fixed fee
I have a app that records a video of a human beings eye. I need a app ...
Secondary Research
Estimating performance of less capital intensive biological carbon capture systems
USD 300 - USD 700 Fixed fee
We are working on a research project for a potential spin-off startup ...
Flipped classes in higher education how to implement in Iraqi universities
USD 20 - USD 150 Fixed fee
A review article about the flipped classes , how they improve learning ...