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United States
USD150 per hour
Research faculty member at Harvard Medical School with 10+ year of experience in leading and mentoring teams of scienti...

I have 10+ years of experience in leading and mentoring teams of academic researchers and innovators to conduct research projects related to hu...

Research Interests: • Molecular aspects of Carcinogenesis and understanding how different proteins influence carcinogenesis. • Understanding th...

United States
USD30 per hour
Neuroscience PhD Student (Biotech / Genetics / Disease Research)

Recent Harvard College graduate & PhD student in neuroscience at MIT with 2 years biotech/pharma industry work experience and molecular...

PhD. fellow (Biotechnology)
United States

I am focused on discovering the novel genetic factors that cause female infertility. Infertility and overall health are interconnected and thus...

I am a 'stem cell biologist' and during the ongoing journey have experienced and excelled the derivation of ESC/ iPSC and their differe...

United States
USD20 per hour

My education and experience includes a PhD in microbiology along with three years of postdoc experience. I have been actively involved in Micro...

Ph.D. , Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
United States
USD20 per hour

My current work focuses on intracellular toxins produced by the human pathogens Bacillus anthracis (edema toxin) and Clostridium difficile (Tcd...

Research Instructor in the Department of Genetics (Research Division) at the University of Alabama Birmingham, School of Medicine involved in r...

M.Sc. Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology
USD20 per hour

Graduated with a science degree in biological sciences (M.Sc.) and industrial biotechnology (M.Sc. Eng.) undergoing my PhD in Cancer research. ...

I am a biomedical scientist with a wide range of expertise. Primarily I have studied the genetic, cell, and mechanisms that control neuronal de...

United States
USD20 per hour

A trained molecular biologist with extensive research experience in gene editing (CRISPRs, ZFNs) and gene modulation tools, functional genomics...

PhD Genetics
United Kingdom
Staff Scientist at The Institute of Cancer Research

My background is in experimental genetics with a focus on genetic screens and mutagenesis methods. Currently I am using CRISPR mutagenesis scre...

Research Experience Research Associate, The Rockefeller University Adviser – Luciano Marraffini, Ph.D. Project – Biochemical characterization o...

Ph.D. Neuroscience
United States

A highly motivated research scientist with more than 10+ years of expertise in multiple scientific areas including Molecular biology, Epigeneti...

Entrepreneurial life science PhD with 10+ years of biomedical research experience in the areas of neuroscience, developmental biology, and stem...

In my post doctoral research position, I studied mechanisms of dendritic branching of murine cerebellar Purkinje cells using techniques such as...

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology
United States

I always had a profound interested in the natural sciences. I decided to complete my pre-doctoral studies in physics being fascinated by the su...

Master's degree
USD35 per hour

I am a freelance medical writer and former PhD student at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, specialized in the topics of cancer bi...

Masters of Science in Human Biology
USD8 per hour
MSc Human Biology - expertise in pharmaceuticals and medical conditions, academic research background, knowledge of GMP

In recent years, I have assisted in various research projects in the fields of neuroscience, diabetes, stem cells, and developmental biology. I...