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Research Scientist | Materials | Sensors | Product | Process | IT Services | Startups | Entrepreneurship

I am Harshan, an engineer-physicist, has a passion for assessing technologies for commercial applications and know-how to build products. I gai...

MSc in Molecular Biology, BSc in Chemistry
USD0.0 per hour
Life Science research and consulting

Life Science expert with the background in Molecular Biology and Chemistry, plus experience in biotech pharmaceutical industry in Manufacturing...

PhD in Physics
United States
USD0.0 per hour
I am a physicist cum optical engineer cum ultrasound engineer with more than 30 years of experience.

I am a physicist cum optical engineer cum ultrasound engineer with more than 30 years of experience. I am currently working as a lab manager an...

BA & MEng
USD120.0 per hour
Postdoctoral research fellow at Cambridge University developing novel proteomic screening methods

A postdoctoral researcher and a Schmidt Science Fellow at the University of Cambridge developing novel proteomic screening methods reliant on s...

Ph.D. in energy engineering
USD25.0 per hour
Biochemical engineer and Electrochemist

As Biochemical Engineer I have worked in different areas such as renewable energy (specifically in microbial fuel cells), wastewater treatment,...

Doctoral degree in chemistry engineering
United States
USD40.0 per hour
Stem cell engineering/biomaterial researcher and university faculty with Ph.D. in chemical engineering

- Experienced faculty member and program directors for biomedical science and biotechnology programs - Successful track record of publications ...

USD20.0 per hour
Researcher-Analytical Chemistry- Expert in Chromatography, electrophoresis, Sample preparation and masss spectrometry.

I am a senior researcher in the analytical chemistry field and associate professor in chemistry at University. My projects are mainly related t...

PHD in organic chemistry
USD20.0 per hour
Learn more fast Organic chemistry with Simpl methods, translation of articles english french arabic

-More then 5 years experience in organic chemistry include three international papers. reading more than 150 papers with many practical projec...

PhD in Biochemistry
USD50.0 per hour
Freelance Biochemist

10+ years combined experience in research and development from academics and industry. Hands-on experience in: --> Lateral f...

USD50.0 per hour
Senior Scientist for Nanotechnology, Chemistry and Physics

I have been working for 15 years in field of nanotechnology in National and International Research center. Please send your query to get the su...

Certified Financial Accountant
South Africa
USD8.0 per hour
Bsc Physics/Chemistry Student

I’m a young qualified finance professional and Chemistry/Physics student who has worked with large state-owned and listed entities. In 2017, m...

Masster of science
USD10.0 per hour
Chemistry researcher with PhD

I hold a bachelor of science (chemistry and mathematics) and a master of science degree in natural producta/organic chemistry/analytical chemi...

United States
USD85.0 per hour

Food Product Development Scientist with formulation experience with confectionery and bakery items. Technical strenghts - ingredient technolog...

Master Chemical Engineering
USD30.0 per hour
Chemical Engineer, Researcher, technical writer

I like research analysis and being aware of innovative technologies. I would like to contribute my knowledge and skills and be involved in proj...

Cosmetic Scientist
United Kingdom
USD30.0 per hour
Owner & Founder of KMF Cosmetic Formulation Services

I've been in the cosmetic industry for about eight years now. I started working in a company manufacturing cosmetic products. I was purchas...

MS Chemistry
United States
USD130.0 per hour
Freelance research and writing | 10+ years in industry

MS Chemistry with over 10 years of experience in pharmaceuticals and biotech. I have the most experience in technical writing and analytical ch...

BS - Chemistry
United States
USD35.0 per hour
Chemical and pharma manufacturing, QC, QA, analytical development, and motorcycle maintenance.

Experienced with six years in Manufacturing and Quality Control for radiochemicals and labeled antibodies, three years in pharmaceutical GMP Qu...

USD10.0 per hour
PhD Students

Hi! I am Vivek, Me and my friends are pursing PhD in different fields i.e. Chemistry, Physics & Math. In our group we have small groups...

Master of Philosophy in Chemistry
United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour
Scientist| R&D Project Manager| Expertise in design of Advanced Materials, Green Chemistry & Bioprocess Engineer...

• Graduate member of the University of Leicester’s Space Industries Accelerator, trained in all aspects of business formation, operation, finan...

BS Chemistry
USD0.0 per hour
Chemist with 2 years experience on Food Safety and 4 years experience on Food Testing and Nutitional Labelling

My main job on my current work is to evaluate the results of the physical and chemical tests conducted on foods and also of Nutritional Labelli...

MEng (Chemical)
South Africa
USD25.0 per hour
Junior Process Engineer with experience in the wine industry

I have a varied education portfolio, having completed a Bachelor's in biotechnology, with a focus on wine chemistry and microbiology in my ...

USD15.0 per hour
Physicist expert with experience with data science and content writing

Physicist graduated from the best university in my country with an excellent GPA (3.53 out of 4). I have worked in the academic field for sever...

USD30.0 per hour
Aligning technical writing/editing with your business

✔️I have worked in three distinct research domains in my career: analytical research and development, molecular biology and imaging. ✔️ I have ...

Environmental Sciences
United States
USD55.0 per hour
Cosmetic Chemist and Biomedical Researcher

Kristine ('Kris') is the owner and cosmetic chemist of KMR Cosmeceuticals, a boutique formulation facility located in Miami, FL. As a s...

Master of Science - Cosmetic Science
United States
USD0.0 per hour
Cosmetic Chemist | Expert in cosmetic science | Research and Development Formulator with experience in personal care

I am a cosmetic chemist with extensive knowledge in the cosmetic science industry. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Maste...

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How to hire a chemist

A chemist studies the composition of existing substances and formulates new products that have practical applications. Chemists work in a diverse range of industries, predominantly in pharma, life sciences and food & drink organizations. 

You may need to find a chemist to make a product, conduct a literature review or research an existing product. But what do you look for and how can you choose the best candidate for the job? Here are some tips for hiring top chemists on Kolabtree.

Why hire a chemist

While many chemists work in traditional full-time roles, there is an increasing number of freelance chemists for hire. This helps organizations access and afford expertise quickly, at short notice. 


When you set out to create a new product, you require the skills of an expert chemist who can make sure that it meets industry standards. Food startups, for example, need to work with chemists to verify that their products follow regulatory compliance. Cosmetic companies may hire cosmetic chemists to formulate skin care products and test them to ensure safety.

How much does it cost to hire a chemist?

The cost of hiring a chemist largely depends on the scale and the scope of work you need done. 


A freelance formulation chemist may charge anywhere between USD 500 and USD 5,000 to help with developing a new product. However, they may charge more to help with additional services such as product labeling, filing a patent or developing the communication material required for the launch of the product. 


For short-term tasks, hiring a freelance chemist over a full-time chemist can cut costs of up to 40%.

How to write an effective job post to hire a chemist

Here are five things to keep in mind to help you write a clear job post for a chemist: 


Scope of work: Provide a clear outline of the goal of your project and the deliverable(s) expected. For example: Need a freelance cosmetic chemist to create a vegan skincare product. Samples required for testing within 2 months.  

Duration:  Define how long you expect the project to run for. 

By when you need to hire: Do you need to hire someone within a few days, weeks, or longer? A week is an optimum time to receive high-quality proposals.  

Budget: Try to provide a realistic estimate of your budget. You can choose to pay a fixed fee or pay by the hour.
Skills required: While looking for a chemist, you may need to define what kind of specialty you’re looking for. On Kolabtree, you can choose from:

Formulation chemists     Analytical chemists     Organic chemists     Inorganic chemists     Biochemists 

Ready to hire a chemist? Post your project on Kolabtree and get quotes from freelance chemists for free. 


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