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USD49.0 per hour
Freelancer (Pro) at Kolabtree

I am a biomedical researcher having: 1.Expertise in the vector biology: ecology, evolutionary biology, and genetics of Aedes and Anopheles vect...

Masters in Chemistry (MChem)
United Kingdom
USD45.0 per hour
Experienced Science Consultant and Writer

I am a accomplished and professional Scientific Consultant and Writer with a wide range of academic and industrial experience ranging from Scie...

PhD Student
United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour
Data analyst, Scientific writer, Chemistry

Data analyst, Scientific writer and Chemistry

M.A., Chemistry
United States
USD150.0 per hour
Content Writer | Content Manager | Food Scientist

Hi! I'm Bryan, and I share knowledge about the science and technology of food. I am a writer, communicator, and synthesizer of food techno...

Master of Philosophy
USD20.0 per hour
PhD Scholar

Dr. Ahsan Mustafa is currently doing his PhD in Animal Nutrition and Feed Sciences from Sichuan Agricultural University, China. Ahsan has done ...

Ph.D- Computer Science
USD20.0 per hour
Scientific Researcher with a PhD in Computer Science. Expertise in development,writing and publishing scientific papers.

Experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, M...

MPhil Human Genetics and Molecular Biology
USD20.0 per hour
Independent Medical Researcher Writer and Biostatistician

Dear Employers, My real strengths include keen observation, quality work, meeting deadlines, and most importantly making my clients feel amaz...

BSc Biomedical Sciences
USD25.0 per hour
Biomedical Science graduate and an aspiring Geneticist

I am a Biomedical Science graduate specialized in Human Genetics and will start my PhD in Medical Genetics soon. I have experience in writing, ...

United States
USD55.0 per hour
Somatosensory neurobiologist with start-up R&D experience in medical cannabis and skin care

I am a scientist and start-up enthusiast with a passion for translating research. My communication skills have allowed me to add value to organ...

Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry
USD100.0 per hour
More than 10 years experience in cancer research in international settings, grants and articles writing and editing

Over the past 10 years, I have successfully been working in the oncology field, having the opportunity to work with high-quality and well-recog...

Ph. D
USD50.0 per hour
Freelance Scientist-Life science

I hold a Ph.D. in Biotechnology, specializing in cancer biology. Some of my research articles are published in peer-reviewed journals such as C...

Ph.D. Microbiology
USD50.0 per hour
PhD in Medical Biology | Experience in Diagnostics & Healthcare | Health & Medical Content Writer

I have a strong scientific background with significant experience working in both healthcare diagnostics (7+ years) and research laboratories (...

Master of Public Health (M.P.H.), Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
USD90.0 per hour
Freelance medical writer, CER writer, MDR Consultant, Scientist, 21 years experience in clinical research, manuscripts.

A top rated writer & editor with emphasis on medical writing, scientific journal manuscripts, public health, environmental science and ...

USD40.0 per hour
Scientific writer, proofreader and editor with 10+ years of experience in bioscience research

I am a Ph.D. in Physiology with postdoctoral experiences from ICGEB, New Delhi and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign having expertise ...

PhD in Genetics
USD30.0 per hour
Scientific writer and editor | Pharmacist, PhD in genetics & MSc in Biotechnology & MBA business management

Highly motivated, self-starter with a proven ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously with 5+ years of experience in genetics and mol...

Ph.D Environmental Microbiology
United States
USD75.0 per hour
Environmental Microbiologist | 15+ years exp. in academic, industry research | Startup/Biotech exp.

I'm an environmental microbiologist with diverse experience, having held industry, research and academic positions since 2003. Currently a ...

Doctor of Philosophy in Nanoscience Engineering
United Kingdom
USD50.0 per hour
Previously Academic researcher, currently Data Analyst. 7 years+ of scietific editing, writing, teaching and publishing....

Dr Dimov holds a PhD in Nanoscience Engineering from the University of Exeter, UK. He specialized in production, characterisation and applicati...

Physician Leadership Development Program
Cayman Islands
USD75.0 per hour
Specialised Medical Doctor with post-graduate training including research, data/statistical analysis, literature search ...

Specialised Medical Doctor with post-graduate training including research, data/statistical analysis, literature search and literature review. ...

PhD in Korean Studies
USD15.0 per hour
My field of expertise encompasses Korean/English/Polish translation and humanities academic writing. I am PhD level.

I am a recent PhD graduate in Korean Studies at London's School of Oriental and African Studies. I consider myself an experienced researche...

Doctor of Philosophy (Petroleum Engineering)
USD45.0 per hour
Freelance Writer, Geologist & Phd in Well Cementing | with 4 years of experience in lab, research, writing & edu...

Interested in energy-related research, especially in the field of oil and gas. My recent research focuses on improving the well integrity of C...

Doctor of Philosophy
USD20.0 per hour
Scientific / Academic Writer & Editor | 5+ Yrs of Experience | IELTS | Published 13 Research Articles

An Experienced Researcher with a Ph.D focused on Biomedical Nanotechnology and a Strong Academic Professional with a demonstrated history of wo...

Certificate of Specialization in Affective Sciences/Cognitive Science
USD50.0 per hour
Philosopher & Cognitive Scientist in Affective Sciences / 10+ years Interdisciplinary Research on Emotion / Teacher

I am a passionate researcher, teacher, and communicator in the philosophy of emotion, affective sciences, and cognitive science. My interdiscip...

Ph.D. Geology
South Africa
USD20.0 per hour
Freelance writer with 3+ years of experience in minerals and commodities research

My specialization is in minerals and commodities research. I have professionally been doing research on coal, graphite, carbon, and power stati...

PhD in Cell Biology
United States
USD30.0 per hour
Enthusiastic science communicator | Freelance scientific editor | Cell biologist with 8+ years experience

Hi there! I am a cellular and molecular biologist and expert science communicator with over 8 years of experience in crafting scientific writin...

PhD (Medicine)
USD70.0 per hour
Biomedical expert in grant application assistance, manuscript writing, and editing and proofreading

Before following her passion in science and medical communications, Dr Heidi Hilton worked in academic research from 2002-2018, specialising in...

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