Why outsource biotech website content to expert writers


Medical writer and Biomedical scientist Arianna Ferrini elaborates on why outsourcing biotech website content responsibilities to qualified freelance writers can help companies build a pipeline of constant, credible content.

Since its inception in 2015, when it was founded by Ashmita Das, Kolabtree has been growing at an increasingly quick pace. It now counts more than 9000 scientific talents, including experts in areas like scientific consulting, statistical review, literature search, experimental design, editing, and writing. Freelancing is a new opportunity for researchers to work independently or take up freelance projects in addition to their regular job. When talking about Kolabtree in 2019, Forbes highlighted how scientists are the new force in the freelance revolution.

Amongst these, there’s a lot of highly qualified and passionate expert biotech writers and scientific consultants.

Expert biotech writers can work in several settings and on many different projects. For example, they can specialize in legal and regulatory documentation for clinical trials, medical education, and publications or advertising and promotions. Freelance medical writers may work for healthcare communication agencies or may also work directly for pharmaceutical companies or in contract research organizations (CROs), health insurance companies, health authorities, charities, government and quasi-government agencies, and doctors’ organizations.

And why should biotech and biopharma companies outsource website content to medical and biotech writers?

An increasing number of scientific organizations see the utility of using freelancers to fill critical project demands. In this context, science, medical and biotech writers are keener and keener to adapt their careers to the world of freelancing and provide writing services on demand. This is a win-win situation for all parties involved for several reasons. Let’s explore them!

Source the best biotech writers and establish authority

Content is one of the most valuable things in marketing right now. Freelancers are an excellent resource for companies that need great content on a regular basis but don’t have the resources in-house to make that happen. By hiring an expert writer with subject matter expertise and a proven track record of successful collaborations, a business knows that their content is in the capable hands of someone with the proper expertise and know-how who can be trusted to deliver results by the time they’re needed.

In addition, and most importantly, a skilful writer can create a strong narrative highlighting the values of the biotech products because they are likely to understand the industry and the benefits that a company is bringing to the market. In same cases, they might also be able to help you with competitor analysis, gaining valuable information from experts in the field.

When hiring a freelance biotech writer, you’ll get confirmation of their certification from top universities worldwide, information about their educational background and areas of expertise, together with samples of their previous work. This process ensures that you are not just hiring “someone off the internet.” You are hiring a highly qualified professional with the right credentials for delivering top-quality work. In addition, expert writers are often accredited with international organizations and membership associations such as the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), or the International Science Writer Association (ISWA).

Hire biotech writers from anywhere in the world

What are the chances that an expert in the specific biotech field that you need content for is available in your area? You might have expert biotech writers in-house, but they won’t be able to write about all topics with the same level of expertise. Outsourcing content to expert writers offers organizations unique opportunities to access the expertise of researchers across the globe at short notice. By hiring on Kolabtree, you can get the best quality content without compromising due to geographical restrictions. At the same time, life science companies can save valuable time because they won’t need to train the expert writer.

Freelance expert writers have an entrepreneurial mind and can help you communicate the value of your products

Quality content and marketing are much more than just putting words to paper. Biotech companies need writers who can craft content that offers an engaging reading experience and conveys the right information. However, they also need writers who can provide scientifically backed facts to communicate the value of the company’s product to their target audience and convert leads into sales. By hiring freelance scientific writers on platforms such as Kolabtree, you can be sure that the person you are relying on for your content has an entrepreneurial mind since they are effectively running their own business.

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Establish a long-term relationship

When you hire medical writers on-demand, you build a remote team of experts you can access anytime, anywhere. Hiring an expert biotech writer to create website content is also advantageous because you’ll have the potential to build a fruitful long-term relationship with the writer. If the first experience is successful, biotech companies can count on a reliable partner to meet future needs, especially when unexpected, spur-of-the-moment projects come up.

Re-hiring the same trusted and skilled writer to create copy for new products is going to be easier than hiring a new one.

Hiring a freelancer is often a better choice than going through an agency. With a freelancer, you get a more personal experience. Plus, freelancers are receptive to your feedback, which is also easier to give to a freelancer.

Connect with your audience

Expert writers have the skills and the experience to write and connect with your audience fast. This means that even just one well-crafted article will drive traffic, leads, and conversion for years to come. It’s an investment for your biotech company in the long run.

A good example is the website of the French cell therapy start up Treefrog, showing carefully created content that speaks directly with the target audience.

Biotech websites

Let the writers do the writing

As simple as that. Despite nowadays scientists are expected to excel at writing, storytelling, visual communication, statistical analysis, and plenty of other skills, the truth is that not all scientists have a passion for writing. On the other hand, the chances are that if someone has made a career out of scientific writing, not only they are very good at it, they also particularly enjoy it. Therefore, leaving the writing to those who love it and have a proven track record of success is an easy way to ensure the success of your website too. In addition, most medical and scientific writers also have extensive editing experience, which involves checking other writers’ work for scientific accuracy and grammatical and editorial errors. This unique combination of writing expertise and a trained eye for detail makes freelance expert writers and communicators invaluable for many organizations.

Direct communication and fast turnaround

Biotech companies can find the best biotech, medical and science writers within their budgets and timeline. By hiring a trustworthy, expert writer, you can build a direct line of communication with them, with less information that gets lost in translation.

SEO-optimised content

Expert medical and biotech writers are often skilled in creating content that is optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and that can easily reach your target audience. Search engine algorithms will rank highly optimized content higher on a search engine page than non-optimized content. This results in your content, and ultimately your product, being more visible through the web.

In addition, experienced writers can structure the articles and the web page in a user-friendly and engaging way that creates an overall better experience for the end users, who could also be your potential customers.

For example, the website of the UK-based start-up Bit.bio is able to communicate in an easy and clear way what their breakthrough technology does, and we can quickly appreciate how much thought must have gone into the copy.

biotech websites

Or, the copy on the website of the Scottish company Enterobiotix, for example, shows cleary how they are actively assessing partnering opportunities to exploit their platform and product pipeline in existing or new therapeutic areas.

biotech websites

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