Top Healthcare Analytics Conferences to Attend in 2020


Freelance science writer Mahasweta Pal writes about healthcare analytics conferences in 2020 happening around the world.

Data sciences, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have made huge strides into healthcare. From speeding up diagnosis to simulatory drug development, healthcare analytics has enabled a data-driven reboot of the industry. 2020 promises even bigger leaps of evolution, with digital medicine taking the lead!

It would be difficult to feel the pace of innovation if visiting a healthcare analytics conference is not on your list. Surprisingly, healthcare analytics conferences are becoming bigger and better each year, as new healthcare analytics startups spring up by scores and dozens. Healthcare analytics events welcome health-tech companies to showcase their innovation and interact with potential clients, collaborators, and investors.

Therefore, here’s a list of some of the most promising healthcare analytics conferences in 2020.

1. Applied Data Visualization in Healthcare 2020 (Jan 22-24, 2020|Fort Lauderdale, FL)

This conference is aimed at healthcare/data science executives curious about data visualizations in medicine, epidemiology, genomics, bacterio-transcriptomics and the like. Numerous workshops are being organized for attendees keen to upskill in deep learning, data-driven decision making, AI, social robotics, and emerging data trends in healthcare. Attendees can participate in the Hands-on Tool Masterclass on using deep learning algorithms for medical data and digital medicine. Especially, collaborative peers can get together for a tête-e-tête on AI-powered tools in healthcare, data encryption, and AI-powered disease detection. Moreover, keynote speakers include Maggi Savo from Baylor Scott & White and Eric Howard from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center for the event. Registrations close in about a week or two, so hurry!

2. Digitalization and Infectious Diseases 2020 (Jan 20-21, 2020|Basel, Switzerland)

The organizers, Personalized Health Basel, is inviting academic researchers, bio entrepreneurs, and healthcare startups for stimulating sessions on the advent of ML in personalized health. This event is a valuable platform for peer-to-peer engagement, whilst discussing big data, clinical microbiology, improving patient outcomes, and managing infectious diseases through deep learning and AI. The conference will see a culmination of ideas generated by mathematicians, cloud computing experts, biomedical researchers, clinical programmers, and data scientists from reputed universities. Not to mention, Ryan Kindle (Massachusettes Institute of Technology) and Prof. Marcel Salathe (EPFL) are this year’s keynote speakers, who are stalwarts in critical care medicine, infectious disease management, digital epidemiology, and communication sciences. Registrations close by Jan 19th, 2020.

3. AI-ML: Drug Discovery Summit 2020 (Feb 24-26, 2020|San Diego, CA)

This is one of the most lucrative global conferences where data science SMEs, and startups, and R&D experts gather to discuss data storage, safety, quality, and standardization challenges. Previously, the sessions aimed at overhauling R&D by retrospecting the successes and mishaps of past years. 2020’s event is themed at providing the roadmap to augmented R&D decision making with reduced failure rates, increased speed, and improved margins. Keynote speakers for the event include Daniel Bozinov, Genentech (Roche Group), Shruthi Bharadwaj, Novartis, Sándor Szalma, Takeda, and Marcin Grotthuss (Broad Institute of the MIT and Harvard). During the 3-day event, the implementation of AI into medicine will remain the priority. Don’t wait, reserve your entry now!

4. HIMSS 2020 (March 9-13, 2020 | Orlando, FL)

This one hosts more than 90,000+ professionals working in different spheres of healthcare. Academicians and industry persons can benefit immensely during the 300+ seminars on healthcare innovation, education, and networking. Plus, there’s a grand healthcare IT exhibition, with IBM Watson Health, Optum Rx, Siemens Healthineers, Abbott, and Accenture. Conversations will range from Healthcare Information Sharing, Digitalizing Healthcare by Leveraging AI, Healthcare Data Warehousing, Digitization for Healthcare Apps, and lots more. Registrations may close anytime soon, so hurry!

5. AI and Big Data in Cancer (March 29-31, 2020|Boston, MA)

Hosted by Elsevier, this event will have keynote speeches by Tufia C. Haddad (Mayo Clinic College of Medicine), Sean Khozin (Janssen R&D, J&J), Christoph Lengauer (Third Rock Ventures), Jim Allison (2018 Nobel Prize Winner for Physiology or Medicine), and Craig Mermel (Google Health, Google AI). At the summit, talk shows are planned on healthcare’s futuristic value-chain and ethical applications of human data coercively and effectively in clinical practice. The abstract submissions and conference proceedings would be open for publishing in over 20+ reputed Elsevier journals. The prominent themes for this year are big data in oncology (clinical, research, real-world data) and policy, technology and operating model for data sharing, data governance, and cross-enterprise collaboration. Abstract submission and early bird registrations are open until Jan 31, 2020.

6. Open Data Science Conference 2020 (April 13-17, 2020|Boston, MA & Oct 26-30, 2020|San Francisco, CA)

ODSC is a leading data science conference happening at 5 cities across the globe. ODSC 2020 promises a stellar show of innovation pertaining to Data Science Workflow and Management, Scale-up, and Predictive Analytics in healthcare. Every moment here is focused on upskilling as scientists, statisticians, programmers, and solution architects interact during workshops, mini-symposia, and product demonstrations. Career enhancement opportunities are aplenty with lectures on data handling, Breakout Research, and Database Building. 2020 offers a session on key updates and learnings from 2018-19 for the health-tech community and there are 3 full-day trade expos. Registrations are running, and seats may be over soon. Visit now!

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7. IMIP 2020 (April 23-26, 2020|Tianjin, China)

The 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Medicine and Image Processing 2020 promises to be one of the spectacular events happening in Asia this year. The 4-day event includes award-winning presentations on Biomedical Data Mining, Medical Image Data processing, Medical Imaging Informatics, Electronic Medical Record applications, Medical Insurance Fraud Detection, Statistics and Quality of Medical Data, and Telemedicine in the Age of Big Data. Activities include attending the poster presentations, keynote speeches, workshops, and discussions on public data safety and ethics of healthcare data ML programs. Registrations and abstract submissions are still open. Hurry!

8. PAW Healthcare 2020 (May 11-12, 2020|Munich, Germany & May 31-Jun 4, 2020|Las Vegas, NV)

Predictive Analytics World has been attracting consultants, healthcare business managers, clinicians, healthcare executives, and data engineers. The 2-day schedule includes workshops in statistical programming, predictive analytics in medicine, biomedical data processing, and solution designing using AI. Important lectures would be organized on techniques to avoid data analytics mishaps and value-based ML for biomedicine. Commercial ML applications remains the key focus, and Jen Gennai (Head of Responsible Innovation, Google) and Bob Bress (VP-Business Analytics, Comcast) are among the keynote speakers for the 2020 edition. Registrations for Munich and Las Vegas are underway, with discounts on group registrations.

9. 2020 Healthcare and IT Marketing Conference (May 12-14, 2020| Las Vegas, NV)

The world of healthcare benefits greatly from communicators and public relations managers. Media professionals use healthcare analytics tools to speed up health & science communication. At the HITMC, healthcare media look forward to interacting with peers in healthcare analytics, web content analysts, and esteemed STEM publishers. HITMC 2020 invites speakers to talk about thought leadership in healthcare communications. In addition, the event aims to establish a community of healthcare branding, sales, management, informatics, public relations, and media professionals that transforms the future of healthcare information delivery. Register now to get an early bird discount!

10. E-Health 2020 (May 31-June 3, 2020|Vancouver, Canada)

This exhibition at Vancouver hosts Health Data Information Managers, Clinicians, Government and Health Policy Makers, and Emerging Health and IT companies. It holds a legacy of creating fruitful partnerships between key stakeholders in Canada’s thriving digital health industry for over 20 years. Essentially, attendees can interact with peers and influencers to land next-level business partnerships. Surprisingly, the 2020 edition features sponsors such as Quest Diagnostics, Bits in Glass, CAPSA Healthcare, Tangent, and Connexall. Since the trade show has over 10,000+ visitors, companies launch new healthcare apps, software, or data visualization tools. Witness 2020’s the largest national digital health event of Canada by planning early!

11. Systems Biology 2020 (July 6-10, 2020|Cambridgeshire, UK)

This conference offers valuable training workshops for Ph.D. students, post-doctoral researchers, and young research scholars working on systems biology. Essentially, attendees leverage the hands-on training on utilizing large datasets of metabolomics, genomics, transcriptomics, and proteonomics data with ML to dissect biological models. The program trains on applying ML on open databases, interpreting human datasets for genetic diseases, and simple Python coding for extracting actionable insights from genetic data. Registrations are invited by website, email, and phone, which closes on April 9, 2020.

12. HLTH (Oct 11-14, 2020|Las Vegas)

HLTH is among the best healthcare analytics events awaited in the second half of 2020. Watch out for the presentations and seminars where tech and digital officers of Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, among others, will present the disruptive healthcare technologies for 2020. The trade show at the event features healthcare analytics startups with various healthcare payers and biopharma supply chain vendor companies. Moreover, the sessions are aimed at fostering business partnerships across healthcare startups, biotech R&D companies, and payers. More than 7000 high-profile attendees made headlines on international media last year and 2020 will definitely have more newsmakers. Registrations would open sometime in the first quarter of 2020, so stay updated!

13. International Conference on Health Analytics (Dec 10-11, 2020|London, UK)

Community building is a strong need for healthcare, and conferences go a long way to achieve that. The ICHA 2020 aims to bring together leaders in academic research, scholars, technicians, device programmers, and developers to exchange views on key aspects of Health Analytics. Plus, attending scholars can publish their conference proceedings on high impact journals indexed on Web of Science, Semantic Scholar, Open Science Index. The ICHA 2020 organizers have teamed up with the Special Journal Issue on Health Analytics and plan to publish the best full-text papers as a special feature. Various registration forms for the event are available. Reserve your seat early for a stimulating intellectual experience.

Think we missed out a healthcare analytics event in 2020? Leave your comment below and we’ll add it in!

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