The Definitive Guide to Hiring Curriculum Writers


Independent curriculum writers and specialists can work on flexible schedules, and provide on-demand expertise, to help you build up a pipeline of high quality and cost-effective educational content.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns has seen a major shift in how businesses approach a variety of things, such as remote working, hybrid workforces and virtual collaborations.

Perhaps no other industry, however, has embraced virtual collaborations more than the EdTech space, especially in countries such as the USA and UK.  EdTech companies have pioneered the transition to online learning, partly due to necessity and partly driven by innovation. 

In fact, stats published by the FMI states that the EdTech market in the USA is expected to account for almost 85% of the total North American market within the next decade. The emphasis on smart education, the transition to remote learning and the emergence of huge players in the market are the key factors driving this trend.

With schools, colleges and private EdTech firms having to foster some kind of e-learning platform in order to continue providing education without any major disruptions, online learning platforms are gradually starting to become the norm. This provides an added incentive for EdTech and E-learning companies to position their platforms more effectively to a wider audience, enabling them to upskill accordingly,

Here’s where hiring curriculum writers for short-term collaborations provides a wide variety of benefits, both in terms of quality delivered and long term sustainability. 

How can Outsourcing Curriculum Writing Requirements Help?

Outsourcing your content requirements comes with a host of advantages – such as tapping into a wide range of expert curriculum writers skilled in specialist curriculum creation. Hiring expert curriculum writers can help EdTech companies stand out in a crowded space through carefully crafted lessons and study material. 

With most companies following a model where a portion of the lessons are displayed to potential consumers before they sign up, investing hiring curriculum writers and content specialists could make all the difference. Outsourcing their needs can help them ensure quality across topics and build up a considerable content pipeline in a relatively short duration.

Schools and colleges need a good curriculum developer as well, due to the wide range of subjects they usually offer their students. Here’s where niche subject matter experts, such as math curriculum writers or science curriculum writers, can help create engaging, engrossing content for students across various ages.

A quality curriculum content developer comes armed with a diverse set of skills, such as unique content creation and tailored narratives. Their vast experience across various spheres gives them the ability to create lessons that fit the requirements of various learning demographics, including school students, subject teachers and working professionals looking to upskill. 

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Benefits of Hiring Curriculum Writers On-Demand

With the increasing presence of subject matter experts, including curriculum specialists and educational content writers, on online freelance platforms, this gives EdTech companies a chance to consult on-demand experts for time-specific content.

Kolabtree’s curriculum writers, for instance, are highly skilled at creating educational guides, curriculum textbooks and other learning materials for a wide range of target audiences.

Hiring curriculum writers on-demand provides these companies various benefits such as,

  • Build up a talent pipeline of educational content specialists, including niche experts like math and science curriculum writers, for recurring requirements. This takes the pressure of long term planning away from in-house resources and frees them up to focus on honing the product.
  • Create cost-effective educational content, as on-demand experts come without the added cost of onboarding and contractual obligations. This enables EdTech companies to simply collaborate with a specific expert based on unique content needs, such as a math or science curriculum specialist.
  • Tap into a wide range of highly skilled curriculum writers and specialists, most of them with PhDs, across the globe. 
  • Collaborate with industry experts within a secure and confidential platform, signing NDAs aligned to unique company terms and conditions.

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