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Kolabtree is curating a COVID-19 content bank of expert-sourced articles on the coronavirus pandemic to help fight misinformation and supply reliable scientific information to publishers, journalists and researchers. 

Fighting misinformation

The global pandemic has resulted in a proliferation of information regarding coronavirus and COVID-19, some of which is misleading or inaccurate.

The Kolabtree COVID-19 Content Bank was created in order to: 

  • Supply information in the form of content and articles relating to Coronavirus and COVID-19 that are written by scientific and academic experts based on real evidence and research.
  • Enable scientific and academic experts to contribute their expertise in order to disseminate factual information and contribute towards collective efforts to fight COVID-19. 

A content resource for the scientific community, journalists and publishers

Kolabtree is home to over 13,500 freelance scientists and academics whose knowledge spans over 2,000 disciplines. Experts include epidemiologists, virologists, and infectious disease, chemistry & public health specialists with deep expert knowledge of pandemics and Coronavirus.

Due to their deep levels of expertise, Kolabtree experts, many of whom hold PhD’s, are well placed to contribute accurate information on a vast array of coronavirus related topics.

  • Kolabtree has requested its experts to volunteer to contribute accurate content and articles which can be utilised by the media in order to ensure they are able to dispense accurate information.
  • Expert contributions are held by Kolabtree in their ‘COVID-19 content bank’ and organisations are able to request content from the bank in order to dispense to relevant audiences which could be general public, medical community, industry or other.
  • Where organisations need help with a specific topic or question, they are able to request help from a Kolabtree expert volunteer to write and contribute an article to answer that question. 
  • Kolabtree is also able to offer experts for media comment or fact checking

For publishers

  • Pre written articles – If you are a publisher wishing to publish content regarding Coronavirus and COVID-19, Kolabtree is able to offer finished research based articles that you can publish to your audience. 
  • Custom written articles – If you are a publisher wishing to publish an expert article exploring a Coronavirus/COVID-19 related topic for which an existing article does not already exist, Kolabtree is able to call on the expertise of its members to contribute an article for you.
  • Fact checking –  If you are a publisher and you need content fact checked, Kolabtree is able to source volunteers to assist you. 

For journalists

  • Expert comment, articles and interviews – If you are a journalist looking for expert comment for a journalistic piece you are working on that relates to COVID-19, Kolabtree is able to source experts for you.

For researchers and writers

  • Researchers – If you are a researcher looking for assistance from an expert in a specific discipline, Kolabtree can call for volunteers to assist you. We also welcome researchers to contribute to the Content Bank.
  • Medical writers – If you would like to volunteer to contribute to the Kolabtree COVID-19 Content Bank, please register as an expert on Kolabtree

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