How to outsource content creation: The ultimate guide for science publishers


With content firmly establishing itself as one of the most powerful methods of influencing your audience to engage with your brand online, the challenge of balancing quality engaging content with a high volume of a steady content pipeline is very real. A regular SME might not quite be able to navigate this fine line with in-house resources, especially considering the amount of content generated and distributed on the internet every day. Here’s where the potential to outsource content creation comes into the picture.

At Kolabtree, we understand this challenge more than ever. With digital publishers making up a strong core of our audience base, the benefits of companies choosing to outsource content creation requirements to experts on-demand is clearly emphasized. Right from hiring qualified freelance science writers to churn out high-quality content on a regular basis, to scouting relevant influencers on social media to amplify their brand, the value of consultants and remote talent is clear to see.

Choosing to outsourcing content creation to experts is the solution to science publishers being able to create authoritative, fact-checked and engaging content for their readers. Kolabtree has released a new white paper, How to outsource content creation: The ultimate guide for science publishers, as a complete guide to working with freelance science writers and journalists.

We produced this whitepaper to provide insight and information on how companies can effectively outsource content creation, build a consistent pipeline of top-notch content reflecting their brand values, and some strategies to have in place whilst hiring freelancers. We spoke to Kolabtree’s own freelancers, who delved into their experiences in order to share their thoughts on how freelancers can create different types of content for biotech, medical and publishing firms.

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With more than a trillion pounds spent every year on academic research and producing papers, outsourcing content can help firms keep themselves abreast of the latest scientific trends, establish a firm tone that resonates with their audience, and grow their brand organically with well-written content. The cost element is also substantial, with on-demand writers able to take up projects as and when the firm has a requirement, thereby resulting in lower expenses incurred overall. Other tangible benefits, such as freedom to work with multiple freelancers based on the type of content required at the time, and the ability to hire expert writers with niche domain expertise, are also evident.

The whitepaper also consists of the best practices to follow whilst outsourcing content creation and hiring freelancers, helping you navigate your way if you’re turning to on-demand talent for the first time. Download the complete whitepaper below in order to gain the knowledge you need to start outsourcing your content requirements to independent science writers.

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