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For those who came in late, it might seem as if Kolabtree has ventured into an already crowded space of marketplaces for all kinds of needs. But those in search of highly qualified talent acknowledge that Kolabtree has actually tapped into a unique niche to provide on-demand access to PhD-qualified experts for a variety of high-value services.

The fact that 2000+ PhD-qualified experts have already registered on the platform to provide freelance scientific consulting services is proof that Kolabtree is gaining ground. We currently have experts specializing in over 1800 subject areas and offering services as varied as literature search, technical review, experimental design, manuscript writing, editing, and data science.

Clients have affirmed enough faith in Kolabtree to post data science projects worth up to $100,000. We believe that this is just the beginning of an amazing platform that will gradually bridge the gap between highly-qualified talent and niche industry and academia requirements across the board.

Kolabtree is proving to be an excellent platform to engage specialized talent at a budget. This was most evident recently when a life sciences journal decided to engage postdocs for conducting technical reviews on manuscripts submitted to their journal. What’s more – we were simply delighted when a freelance expert recently approached a client on another marketplace and recommended Kolabtree as a better platform for his specialized requirement!

One of our regular freelancers was clearly impressed with his first few assignments and had some glowing feedback for us: “The importance of quality in background research, analysis, writing, reporting and communication cannot be emphasized enough. My doctoral and post-doctoral training and experience in the life sciences taught me the above skills, and I found Kolabtree to be the perfect freelance avenue to utilize my skills. Being a startup is not easy, and the Kolabtree team is clearly above others. Their focus on quality is evident in all aspects of their operations: their interactive and elegant portal, project matching, user engagement, follow-up and delivery. I am confident that the best in quality will be delivered on Kolabtree. I am greatly enjoying my work with them, and I truly believe they are poised to be the leading platform for expert services. I would recommend them with no reservations.”

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An increasing number of clients have expressed their desire to repost projects on Kolabtree. A client recently posted a project and hired an expert geneticist within four hours of posting her project. After the project was completed to her satisfaction, she said “Kolabtree has been great and I will definitely be using you guys again.”

As we reach out to a broader clientele, Kolabtree intends to create a niche for itself by facilitating scientific and academic collaboration across various domains. This is just the initial phase of our vision to provide more practical methods of collaboration through our web-driven platform.

Keep watching this space – there’s much more to come!

Kolabtree helps businesses worldwide hire freelance scientists and industry experts on demand. Our freelancers have helped companies publish research papers, develop products, analyze data, and more. It only takes a minute to tell us what you need done and get quotes from experts for free.

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