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The Kolabtree Blog is space for scientists, researchers, tech enthusiasts, startups, SMB’s and entrepreneurs to write about their work and read about the latest advances in research and industry. With a primary focus on how the gig economy and remote work is transforming industries worldwide, we aim to be a space that sparks interesting discussions and encourages cross-border collaboration.

If you’d like to contribute a guest post, please get in touch with ramyasriram [at]kolabtree [dot]com. Please send in a summary of what you’d like to write about OR a complete article if it is based on one of the topics listed below. 

We are currently accepting guest posts that meet the following guidelines:

  1. Topics covered
    -Gig economy for scientists and the future of work
    -Hiring challenges and trends especially related to SMEs and research organizations
    -Medical devices and medical product development
    -Regulatory compliance, MDR, FDA approvals
    -Trends in biotech, genomics and drug discovery
    -Data science, machine learning and AI
    -Healthcare and life sciences developments and trends
    -Product development: process and challenges in various industries
    -Medical and scientific communications
    -The gig economy, impact of remote working in research & industry, freelancing trends
    -Research methodology, statistical techniques
    -Trends in academia and the research community
    -Startups and SMB’s: Useful resources, tools, incubators & accelerators,
    -Advances in engineering & manufacturing, tech innovation, automation
    -Cannabis, cannabis products and its legalization
  2. Length of blog post 
    We accept blog posts of word count between 1,200 and 3,000-3,500. For listicles (such as list of applications, events, startups, etc.), please make sure you cover at least 10-15 points. That said, our focus is on quality and not quantity 🙂
  3. Well-researched, original content 
    All our guests posts are manually reviewed and edited to make sure they are high-quality content that readers will benefit from. Please support your piece with real-world examples and applications, statistics from reliable sources, and images/infographics wherever possible. Please make sure that all the material you submit does not violate any form of copyright. Refer to original sources and articles wherever possible.Examples of good blog posts:
    5 real world examples of AI in healthcare
    Working as a freelance scientist: Benefits and challenges
  4. Provide useful links 
    If you’re referring to statistics, a research paper, or latest advances, please link out to the original article. Include links to further reading or relevant articles from reputed sources like Science, Nature, Forbes, etc.

Please always take a backup of your article while writing on the blog, so that there is no loss of information.

Get in touch with ramyasriram [at]kolabtree [dot]com with your article summary OR upload a completed article here. We look forward to featuring you on the Kolabtree blog!

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