Featured Freelancer: Dave Kale


Announcing our #FridayFeature series! From this week onward, we will feature a freelancer from our global pool of 2000+ experts every Friday. From Life Sciences to Data Science, we’ve got a wide range of subject specialists on board.

We begin with Dr. David Kale, an alumnus of Stanford University and the University of Southern California. Dr. Kale specializes in using machine learning to extract insights from digital data in high impact domains, including but not limited to health care. His primary interest is in developing robust methods for mining and modeling multivariate time series. Currently, he is modifying and applying recurrent neural networks (RNNs) to clinical time series, which pose many challenges to traditional RNN structures. He is also interested in investigating whether recent breakthroughs in deep reinforcement learning can be used to learn and predict the effects of treatments and interventions.


Data Analysis, Research & Development, Health & Medicine (General), Probability & Statistics, Forecasting & Prediction, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence


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