How online publications can benefit from hiring science content writers


Science writing is a specialized field. In other words, it requires expertise in researching and writing about the specific subject. Scientific content writing is core to the dissemination of scientific research and advancements: which is why we need the right people writing about it. Scientific news publications often face a challenge when it comes to sourcing high-quality content from experts. Access to freelance science content writers is a boon for for emerging online scientific publications.

One of the most important things in science writing is not just to publish content that’s engaging and well written, but is actually accurate. It is the responsibility of the science writer to ensure that all of this information they are writing is backed up with research and credible sources.

Freelance science writer jobs have developed over the years as the demand for science writing services has increased. In fact, more and more businesses are outsourcing science writing to freelance writers because they deliver high quality work, on time. Online publications are leaning towards building teams of remote freelance science writers that they can access on demand.

Benefits of hiring freelance science content writers

1. Source expert-written content from science writers across the globe

If you are looking to hire a freelance writer, it is possible to hire one from almost anywhere in the world. This means that you can hire someone who understands your target audience and who is familiar with the terminology and references that they will understand.

The number of science graduates coming out of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees has grown substantially in the last few years. With increasing budgets allocated for R&D, you can take advantage of freelancing sites to tap into this pool of experts. Freelance science writers are experts in their field so they can help you create content that will help you achieve your marketing objectives and drive more business opportunities.

For publishers, this specifically means access to high-quality content that gets visibility and reach among target audiences. While traditionally a lot of content is written by in-house staffers, freelancers are frequently hired by science publications to supplement their existing resources. For example, the New Scientist regularly hires freelancers for features.

Hiring freelance science writers gives you access to highly skilled professionals who can help you with all the technicalities involved in writing. These professionals are also likely to have in-depth knowledge of publishing guidelines and know how to write in different styles like APA, Chicago, IEEE, AMA, Oxford etc. Besides, you can hire for super-specific or niche topics, such as “How to write a clinical trial protocol”, or “What are the applications of CRISPR in healthcare”.

2. Save costs by working with science writers on an hourly basis

Freelance writers can be hired on an hourly basis as opposed to a monthly salary. If they leave early, or if they take extra time on their work, it is not as big of a deal as it would be with an in-house employee. They also do not require pension plans or other benefits that an in-house writer would need.

Freelance science writers typically charge from between $20-$50 an hour. Of course, this is a rough indication, and the cost might be higher based on the level of expertise needed, the complexity of the project, urgency and timelines etc.

3. Save time by getting subject matter experts to write content

The best thing about hiring freelance science writers is that they can do everything for you: research, fact-checking and verification, writing and adding references, when required. Science content writers who hold PhDs in specific subject or have years of industry/research experience are likely to complete an article in much less time than a generic writer, who might spend hours understanding and learning about the subject. According to Google’s algorithms, content that is written and reviewed by subject matter experts is also ranked higher than those that aren’t so the advantages are plenty.

Nowadays, science writers also offer SEO or keyword research as an added advantage, that can help with the reach and visibility of your article.

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