How a freelance medical copywriter can boost your business


A freelance medical copywriter can help you strengthen brand awareness, position a product in the market, attract the right kind of audience, and create authoritative fact-checked content that translates to sales.

What does a medical copywriter do?

A medical copywriter combines scientific knowledge with creative flair to develop effective marketing campaigns. Healthcare copywriters typically create content for medical/healthcare organizations with the aim of selling a product or service. They could be creating advertising campaigns for pharma companies, writing product descriptions for medical e-commerce websites or creating e-learning content. Healthcare copywriters can also be medical content writers, who develop articles and blog content for an organization. 

While healthcare copywriters are typically copywriters with some knowledge of medicine/science, of late, there has been a growth in the number of qualified scientists-turned-copywriters. A copywriter or content writer with a medical background can write authoritative and reliable content on a variety of medical topics. Given that Google’s algorithm (according to the Medic update) rewards expert content, this can strengthen your online presence.

Where does a healthcare copywriter work?

Medical copywriters can work in the following organizations:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical publishers
  • Medical education and e-learning organizations
  • Healthcare non-profits
  • Public health programmes (government and NGOs)
  • Patient advocacy organizations

Why hire a medical copywriter?

The healthcare industry is a highly competitive market. There are thousands of medical services competing with each other. From health and fitness products to medical devices, there are more therapies, drugs and treatments available than ever before. Hiring a copywriter can help you grow your business by reaching out to customers who are likely to use your product or service. If you’re an SME on a tight budget, hiring a freelance medical writer can be a rewarding and affordable investment. 

Work with specialists for complex topics

Whether you’re offering medical education or fitness products, you need to be able to communicate the value and benefits of your offering to all stakeholders including your customers, partners, investors, and more. A medical copywriter can help translate technical or scientific content into clear and crisp copy for the end reader. Working with a writer who’s also a subject matter expert makes the job even simpler. You might need someone to write about your medical device, for example, or an MD/PhD to create reliable health-related articles for your website. Choosing the right expert for your project assures you of high-quality writing which, in turn, will position you as a trustworthy brand.

Increase sales through effective copy 

A copywriter’s primary job is to make the product or service interesting enough to capture interest and prompt the reader to take action. Medical copywriting is no different. Working with a creative copywriter will help you develop a robust advertising campaign targeted at your intended audience. Working with a healthcare writer who’s also familiar with digital marketing and analytics will make it easier for you to invest your efforts in the right channels and get the most out of them.

Improve SEO and digital presence

Google’s Medic update rewards trustworthy, expert-written and authoritative content. If you’re selling vitamin supplements, writing about their benefits in blog articles can help you get SEO visibility. However, if the blog articles are written and reviewed by qualified experts, your content is likely to rank better than your competition. Hiring writers with a scientific background and expertise in specific therapeutic areas like cancer research or diabetes can help you stay ahead of the competition.

How much does it cost to hire a freelance medical copywriter?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for US medical copywriters as of 2020 is about $46,000. Freelance medical copywriters typically charge an hourly rate of USD 50 and above, and fixed-fee projects could range from $300 to $3,000 or more depending on the nature of work. Hiring a freelance content writer or copywriter is less of a strain on the budget especially if you’re a small company.

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Benefits of hiring freelance copywriters

Flexibility: You can hire freelance medical content writers or copywriters, on demand. You might have a one-time job or you might need to hire every once in 3 months. Working with freelancers gives you the flexibility as and when there is a need, while also having control over your budget and resources. You can hire a freelance medical copywriter for a small one-time project, a long-term project or a part-time job. 

Affordability: Freelance medical copywriters are more affordable than full-time in-house writers. For small businesses especially, the availability of freelancers is a big benefit, and you can leverage it to be on the same playing field as bigger competitors.

Access to global talent: Working with freelancers gives you the advantage of casting your net wider. You no longer have to be restricted by geographical location or compromise on quality. You can hire PhD-qualified experts from the University of Cambridge or public health experts from Johns Hopkins University for your project, irrespective of where you or your business is located. You may additionally get access to more diversified healthcare copywriters. You may need a technical writer to create health or medical manuals or an ingenious copywriter to draft engaging guest posts on health and fitness. Whatever type of healthcare copywriting you’re looking for, hiring a remote healthcare copywriter dramatically expands your pool of potential candidates.

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