Fraud Alert: Beware of scammers and stay safe


We recently received information about a scam, in which individuals are being contacted with job offers by imposters falsely using the name of Kolabtree in return for fees. Fraudulent users posing as Kolabtree “recruiters” are using marketplaces (primarily Fiverr) to reach out to freelancers, asking them to communicate further on social media/messaging apps (primarily Telegram).

Please note that:

  • We ask for payments to be processed ONLY through your Kolabtree account on the secure domain.
  • We NEVER ask for payment through third-party payment apps like Skrill to be completed outside the Kolabtree platform.

What to do if you are contacted

Please make sure you conduct all activity through your secure Kolabtree account on https://www.kolabtree.comIf you are contacted by someone outside of the platform offering you a job, please do not respond. If you are unsure about the authenticity of any emails/communication from people claiming to represent Kolabtree, reach out to  to confirm its validity.

Our security has not been affected

We’d like to reassure you that this message does not relate to any infiltration of our security systems or customer information. This message is simply to help keep you safe from fraud.

For any questions, please get in touch at  and we’re happy to help.

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Ramya Sriram manages digital content and communications at Kolabtree (, the world's largest freelancing platform for scientists. She has over a decade of experience in publishing, advertising and digital content creation.

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