Impact of Digital Transformation in The Pharma and Life Science Industry


The changing face of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry can be credited to the way that users access and consume information in the digital age. An abundance of data has made data truly big; a click of a button is all it takes users to access it, that too, at any time and at any place. This has led to a significant reduction in the face time reps get with prescribers. Websites like WebMD and Wikipedia are used by doctors and patients alike, and the mHealth revenue is projected to escalate further this year. The digital transformation has brought new avenues for change through which technology can be used to provide personalized care to patients. This is represented in the infographic below, from Prescriber360.

The pharma industry, which is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, is also hiring specialists for quick and easy access to expert knowledge and resources.Hire life science consultant freelancers on Kolabtree. What are your thoughts on the digital transformation of the pharma industry? Leave your comments below!

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