Bryan Quoc Le: Book Publication, 150 Food Science Questions Answered


Bryan Quoc Le, freelance food scientist on Kolabtree, talks about his recent book publication and consulting projects. 

Last year, during the pandemic, I got the chance to write and publish my first book on the topic of food science, 150 Food Science Questions Answered. I was contacted by a representative of Callisto Media, a startup in the publishing space, to see if I’d be interested in writing a book on food science. At the time, I was serving as the VP of Digital and Social Media for the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association, where I led a team of writers and editors to produce articles for their award-winning blog, Science Meets Food. I believe they were seeking an up and coming voice in the younger food science community to put together this new book. Given that one of my lifelong goals has been to write a book, I jumped on their offer.

Callisto Media gave me the chance to compile my thoughts about the science behind food and answer common questions people had in the kitchen. I was able to do this while simultaneously writing and defending my PhD dissertation, and the whole experience has been an incredible opportunity to showcase my writing skills as a food scientist. I’ve successfully used my book as a platform to connect with startups and companies in the food technology and biotechnology spaces as a signal to my unique talent to compose easy-to-understand scientific content from technical articles, documents, and research.

As a result, I’ve been able to grow my remote consulting practice into a full-time income and work with some amazing companies and organizations including Plant Perks, TurtleTreeAnalytical CannabisTechnology NetworksNanalyze, Selayia Investment, and ZoomEssence, some of which I’ve connected with through Kolabtree. I’ve also gotten the chance to contribute expert quotes and interviews for publications like SalonMarketScaleInverseEat This, Not That!Life & Thyme, and Allrecipes. The publication of my book has helped me quickly establish myself as an expert in the field of food science and technology to create a thriving consulting business as my livelihood during COVID-19.

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About Author

Bryan Le is a food scientist, storyteller, and consultant for the food industry. He currently serves as a mentor for Adapted Co, a plant-based startup community, and as an expert advisor on the Functional Food Committee of Zippy Pantry, an online cooperative for functional foods. He also serves as a moderator for the subreddit forum on Reddit, r/foodscience. He is passionate about connecting clients and audiences with high-quality knowledge about food technology.

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