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Secondary Research
The Life Hub Learning Center
USD 20 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
Electus Global Education Co is startup ed-tech company in Tampa and we've developed a hardware and software technology that we believe is poised to re ... Read more
August 09, 2018
Scientific consulting
Check list of chemical substances
USD 20 - USD 100 Fixed fee
Need to check if a given chemical substance falls under any of the criterion specified in the list document that I will provide. ... Read more
August 08, 2018
Patentproofing a proposed herbal biopharmaceutical
USD 500 - USD 1500 Fixed fee
I have been working with an herbal which provides safe, pharmaceutically - competitive benefits including: reducing systolic bp up to 50 points and di ... Read more
July 21, 2018
Data Science
Convert MathematicalStatisticalQuant research to cother code BayesianMarkovHawkes
USD 100 - USD 100000 Fixed fee
Background and Objective:------------------------------------We are developing an Ultra High Frequency Trading system based on Bayesian, Markovian mod ... Read more
July 15, 2018
Scientific consulting
Toxicology PDE Value Calculations
USD 30 per hour Hourly fee
Calculation of PDE (Permitted Daily Exposure) values for approximately 350 well known pharmaceutical compounds. ... Read more
June 20, 2018
Data Science
Machine Learning Support
USD 40 per hour Hourly fee
We're looking for someone who can support us on a project which involves machine learning, oriented towards the building of a recommender system using ... Read more
June 19, 2018
Experiment design
observational study design
USD 500 - USD 4000 Fixed fee
Observational study that I am seeking help with on the construct and design of the initial study. Looking at hyper coagulation genetics in pediatric p ... Read more
June 07, 2018
Experiment design
Pilot study design
USD 500 - USD 1500 Fixed fee
I am a PhD but mostly worked with Phase 3 trials and would like to have help with a smaller pilot study design. Want someone with experience on design ... Read more
June 06, 2018