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Design a statistical study
Cost: USD 800 | Time taken: 1 Month
The Challenge

Jessica Adams, a medical volunteer in Uganda, was looking for a statistician who could help her measure the impact of a series of music concerts that aimed to reduce HIV-associated stigma in Uganda. She was looking to include the results of the study in an application for an NIH research grant.

How Kolabtree Helped

Jessica posted her project on Kolabtree and received 2 bids within 2 days. She chose to work with Dlorah Jenkins, an experienced researcher, who delivered a robust study design in 2 weeks.

  • deadlineProject deadline met
  • Bids received within 24 hours Bids received within 24 hours
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Interdisciplinary Researcher & Data Analyst
PhD Candidate, International Conflict Management
Kennesaw State University, USA
Client Says

"I recently had the pleasure of utilizing the Kolabtree platform when preparing a nursing research grant submission. I was able to post specifics about my needs on Kolabtree and hire the perfect consultant to help me through that portion of the grant within a few short days -- making it possible for me to get the grant submitted by deadline. The platform was easy to use and I had a great overall experience. I would definitely use it again in the future."