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Ph.D. Political Science
USD50 per hour
Experienced and well-trained academic copyeditor with a PhD. Works in social sciences and humanities.

Hi there! I am Marieke, a professional academic editor with a PhD in Political Science who works across all disciplines, but mostly in social s...

Visiting student, College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts
United Kingdom
USD30 per hour

International Ph.D. in Urban Studies and Experienced researcher, Marie Curie Fellowship with more than 3 years of research experience. Publis...

Master of City and Regional Planning
Trinidad and Tobago
USD40 per hour
Urban Planning Consultant | 7 Years of Advocating, Planning, and Designing for Sustainability, Livability, & Resilie...

I've always pushed the boundaries and challenged the status quo. From my very first job I began asking questions about how urban planning p...