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Top Freelance Medical Anthropology Experts for Hire

Dr. Aimee Ferraro

Infectious Disease Epidemiologist
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United States

I am an epidemiologist with 20 years of experience in public health. After completing an applied epidemiology fellowship with the Centers for D...

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Dr. Caitlyn Placek

PhD with expertise in anthropology & global health. 10+ years of academic writing & publishing.
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United States

I have a PhD in anthropology and postdoctoral experience in global health. I conduct research on diet and drug use in India and the United Stat...

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Dr. Ashley Drake

Medical Anthropologist & Qualitative Researcher | Expert in Mixed-Methods Data Collection
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PhD (Comparative Human Development)
United States

I am a cultural and medical anthropologist with research interests in animal studies, science and technology studies, and military studies. I a...

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Dr. Doris Wu

PhD Freelance science writer/editor: biology, medical, psychology, wildlife, conservation with 8+ yrs experience
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I edit manuscripts/theses/papers/emails/etc in a variety of topics including biological/psychological/medical/etc. I can also help with formatt...

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rodo pfister

Senior researcher in Chinese medical history, bioarchaeology, and historical linguistics
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Dr phil

research focuses on technical texts from ancient, medieval, and late imperial China, dealing with - sexual body techniques - individual psychop...

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