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PhD in Epidemiology
United States
USD100.0 per hour
I am a PhD-trained epidemiologist with experience in writing, study design, data analysis, grant-writing, and editing.

My research interests are in HIV/AIDS, trauma, aging, mental, social and behavioral health. At present, I’m working on projects to understand t...

United States
USD0.0 per hour
Scientist with 10+ years of experience in basic, pre-clinical, and clinical research

My basic research experience is in tissue engineering in the neural application. I have experience in both in vitro and in vivo experiment desi...

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
USD15.0 per hour
Experienced researcher & data storyteller | Study Design | Literature Reviews | Data Analysis | Data Visualization

I’m a professional freelance researcher and data storyteller who can help turn your research idea or data request into a deliverable that match...

Master of Science
USD30.0 per hour

I am a researcher in Statistics with more than 6 years of experience. My main experience is about study design, data collect (with Mobile surve...

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Pharmacoepidemiology and preventive medicine
USD40.0 per hour
Clinical Development / Epidemiology Consultant

Healthcare scientist with expertise in epidemiology and extensive experience in health outcomes research, clinical and drug development, regula...

PhD, Quantitative Biology
United States
USD35.0 per hour
Quantitative Research Expert | Data Analysis & Storage, Research Study Design, Writing/Editing/Literature Review, Mo...

My specialty is quantitative analysis and study design. Additionaly, as a former PI and independent consultant, my skillset spans the entire li...

MBA Global business
USD30.0 per hour
Marketing and business development in Asia, South America and Africa. Petroleum processing engineering and technology, f...

Research on heavy and residual oil to improve gasoline and diesel yields. Senior Process Engineer with strong technical and managerial skills i...

United States
USD75.0 per hour

I am a health services researcher with substantial experience in study design and research administration. My research interests focus on emerg...

Graduate Certificate - Informatics
United States
USD50.0 per hour
Professionally Accredited Statistician - Expert in R & SAS

My interests include study design and analysis, statistical modeling, data visualization, and statistical education. As a professionally accred...

Exercise Science/Bachelor of Science
United States
USD50.0 per hour

My research interests include epidemiology, health outcomes research, public health and biostatistics. I worked for Massachusetts General Hospi...

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