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Why Kolabtree

I am currently a Post-doctoral fellow, in the area of Neuroscience with 8+ years of research experience. I am interested in doing freelance wri...

I am an Experimental Psychologist specialised in Visual Psychophysics and multissensory research. During my PhD I studied visual motion and spa...

Neuroscientist specializing in neuromarketing and the use of biometrics and human behavioral research in commercial and academic spheres.

Ph.D. Neurobiology
United States
USD40 per hour

I am a highly published, detail-oriented, and accomplished scientific leader and valued team member, with innovative and creative thought proce...

USD50 per hour
Academic researchers

I am currently Assistant Professor in Developmental Psychology at the University of Milan-Bicocca. My research interests are quite broad and in...

Visiting student

I'm really interested in empowerment of all of researchers and fields to make us happier and fun. Then I had worked for almost five years a...

My previous research interests have included auditory neuroscience, neuroimaging methodologies (MRI, EEG, etc.), and psychophysics. I also have...

I recently submitted my PhD thesis titled "Structure-based Drug Design for NADPH oxidases". This project involved mutational analysis...

PhD in Pharmacology
USD30 per hour

I have been involved in scientific research since 2005, working in different areas within the large field of biological sciences. Throughout t...

MSc Neuroimaging
United States
USD25 per hour
Freelance data analyst & neuroimaging expert

I have a master's degree in Neuroimaging and bachelor's degree in Psychology and have worked professionally as an MR image analyst. My ...

RMSc in Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences/ sp. psychopathology
USD20 per hour
Freelance Neuroscientist. Expertise in Mental Health and Psychopathology.

I completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and a RMSc in Clinical and Cognitive Neurosciences with specialization in psychopathology. I have been...