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United States
USD300.0 per hour
Ph.D in Human Genetics and Stem Cell Therapy.

• Search for biomarkers and causative genes in different Mendelian diseases. • Designed and analyzed GWAS, whole genome sequence, exome sequen...

PhD Medicinal Biochemistry
South Africa
USD150.0 per hour
Scientific Editor/Freelance/Biochemist/Neuroscientist

My research interests are in neuroscience and understanding the biochemical mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases. I completed my PhD in Med...

Molecular Biology, PhD
USD60.0 per hour
Developer of NGS, nCounter and ddPCR protocols for mutation detection in solid and liquid biopsies from cancer patients

After obtaining two bachelor’s degree, one in biology and other in biochemistry (UIB, Balearic Islands), my interest in transcription started d...

USD20.0 per hour

The focus of my Ph.D. dissertation (in Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Biophysics; University of Minnesota, USA), was on the role of DNA rep...

Project Manager
United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour
Senior Scientist and Project Manager with broad experience in Life Science commercial and Academic projects

I am a highly accomplished, dynamic and enthusiastic Senior Scientist that has developed extensive experience in the management of scientifi...

PhD, Microbial Biotechnology
USD20.0 per hour

Carry 12+ year of experience in defining, creation, and maintenance of biological knowledge base and data analysis in the wide range of domains...

Post-Doctorate (Urology & Uro-Oncology)
United States
USD80.0 per hour
Freelance Clinical Cancer Research; Expert in Uro-Oncology; Inflammation, prostatic Hyperplasia, and Prostate Cancer

Inflammation and Prostate Carcinogenesis Synopsis Research Report Principal Investigator: Johny E. Elkahwaji Department of Internal Medicine-...

PhD. fellow (Biotechnology)
United States
USD0.0 per hour

I am focused on discovering the novel genetic factors that cause female infertility. Infertility and overall health are interconnected and thus...

PhD in Molecular Medicine
United States
USD0.0 per hour

I am a PhD in Molecular Medicine with an interest in gene expression regulation. In the last 10 years my studies have been focused on skeletal ...

MSc, PhD
USD200.0 per hour
Microbiologist, Molecular biologist / Expert in microbial biofilms/ Biology content writer with 10+ years of experience

A. selected previous and ongoing research projects: 1) Mutational analysis of a yeast mitochondrial mRNA binding protein. 2) Ribosomal protein...

Expert in experimental design and trouble shooting. Have expertise in writing and editing scientific articles

I am a protein scientist with a strong background in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics. Excellent at experimental design and troub...

M.Sc Molecular Medicine
USD40.0 per hour

My current research interest is in corneal tissue engineering with a particular focus on developing novel biomaterials through determining how ...

EASL (European Association for the Study of the Liver) Sheila Sherlock/Andrew Burroughs Short-term Training Fellowship 2014
United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour

I am involved in different research projects regarding the study of liver inflammation and fibrosis. At the moment I am writing an article conc...

Content Scientist, Biocuration, Extraction of mutations associated to human pathogenic phenotypes from scientific publications and insertion of...

Doctor of Philosophy
USD0.0 per hour

I have recently completed my first postdoc with Dr. Deborah Bourc’his in the “Epigenetic Decisions and Reproduction in Mammals” Group at the Cu...

USD0.0 per hour

During my master studies, I have gained knowledge in gene cloning, cell culture, and Western blotting. My doctoral research focuses on understa...

DPhil (PhD) in Clinical Medicine
USD0.0 per hour

I have had for many years, a deep interest in the complexity and sophistication that underpins the cellular functions vital for life. In partic...

Phd in biochemistry
USD45.0 per hour

My research interests cover several areas related to the understanding of functional role of genome expression products. I'm trained in mic...

USD0.0 per hour

I recently submitted my PhD thesis titled "Structure-based Drug Design for NADPH oxidases". This project involved mutational analysis...

United States
USD0.0 per hour

Central nervous system dysfunction often results from aberrant neuronal development processes. For example, chronic pain is associated with exc...

Doctor of Philosophy - PhD
USD10.0 per hour
Parexel International

I am currently a Pharmacovigilance Scientist/ Drug Safety Associate in Parexel International, Chandigarh, India. I want to stress that I hav...

PhD in Biotechnology
United States
USD0.0 per hour

I am a molecular biologist who has been studying disease by analysing DNA sequences. I initially worked in agriculture to identify new plant vi...

PhD in Microbiology
USD0.0 per hour

In the course of 13 years work experience in research and diagnostics, I've really developed a fascination with assay development. My deep...

B.S. in both Biology and Chemistry
United States
USD120.0 per hour
Experienced biomedical researcher with 20+ years demonstrated success in assay development, grant writing, and mentoring

Research Lab Supervisor, Seattle Childrens' Research Institute Lead the large-scale production, purification and quality testing of monoclo...

USD0.0 per hour

CS Lopes has a solid expertise in Developmental Biology, Genetics and Cell Cycle Regulation. After graduating in Biology (1996) CS Lopes joined...

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