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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
United States
USD46.0 per hour

Brown has gained extensive researching skills as an educator and education consultant. Brown has expertise in analyzing school and student dat...

United States
USD0.0 per hour

I earned my PhD in sociology from UC San Diego in 2004, focusing on the effects of parents' economic and cultural resources on participatio...

M.Sc Sociology
USD10.0 per hour
Freelance Social Researcher, Content Writer, SPSS and Nvivo, Content Writer

I am young and energetic person with social research skills and data analysis. Able to do research on Education, Sociology, History, Pakistan S...

Why Kolabtree
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  • Prepare a paper for journal publication
  • Design a statistical study
  • Stabilize the shelf life of a sauce
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Abortion   Academic Writing   Caregiving & Home Health Care   Child Welfare   Children & Childhood   Children's Rights   Civil Society   Communal Living   Communities   Community Development   Community Development Law   Community Health Nursing   Community Health Services   Criminology & Crime   Cross Cultural Communication   Cultural Diversity   Discrimination Law   Ecological Anthropology   Education (General)   Education History   Education Law   Education Policy   Education Reform   Educational Counseling   Educational Innovation   Educational Psychology   Educational Statistics   Educational Technology   Ethnic Relations   Ethnohistory   Ethnology & Ethnography   Experiential Education   Family Studies   Fatherhood   Genocide   Hate Studies   Higher Education   Historical Consciousness   Holocaust Studies   Human Ecology   Identity   Leadership   Medical Sociology   Musicology & Ethnomusicology   Nationalism   Organized Crime   Political Sociology   Postcolonial Studies   Pregnancy & Childbirth   Relationships   Reproductive Immunology   Reproductive Medicine   Rural Education   Science Education   Sex Abuse & Sex Crimes   Social Ethics   Social Movements   Social Networks   Social Psychology   Social Theory   Sociobiology   Socioeconomics   Sociology   Teaching & Instruction   Urban Education   Utopian Studies   Visual Sociology   Youth & Adolescence