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  • Looking for possible drug interactions
  • Need geneticist ASAP to review personalized genomics research
  • Analysis of microbiome data from mice fed special diets
Recently Completed Projects
Why Kolabtree
USD40 per hour
PhD in genetics of complex diseases

As part of my master and PhD projects I have been working in understanding the genetic causes of immune-mediated diseases, with special emphasi...

Bioinformatician with a passion towards understanding the molecular basis of life

Copy editing, technical writing and proof reading are my key skills.Reviewed certain Pharmacology based Journals.Executed various projects in M...

Research Associate at University of Hyderabad

I am an experienced research professional with a PhD in Life Science from NIT Rourkela (miRNA-target interaction in cancer metastasis), and cur...

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Microbial Ecology
USD35 per hour

I'm a research scientist (DipAppSci, BScHons, PhD). My expertise is in bioinformatics and data analysis. I've analysed genomic datasets...

Graduate Certificate Applied Statistics
United States
USD191 per hour
Bioinformatics & Biostatistics Core Director

I am the director of the Bioinformatics & Biostatistics Core at Oregon Health & Science University's Oregon National Primat...

Kyongsik Yun received a BS (2006) and a PhD (2010) in brain engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Yun ...

South Africa
USD35 per hour
Molecular biologist with particular experience in biomedical science

ACADEMIC INTEREST AREAS Structure, interactions and evolution of proteins Enzymology, including development of catalytic antibodies Protein mo...

Computational Biologist, PhD

I am a computational biologist by training: equally fascinated by the potential of computers to solve problems and by the diversity and complex...

PhD, Quantitative Biological Sciences
USD30 per hour

Born and raised in Toronto (Canada), I have developed a passion for interdisciplinary biomedical sciences, with interests ranging from biostati...

United Kingdom
USD45 per hour
Virologist and clinical trial specialist with 10+ years experience in basic science and clinical research

• Broad research and knowledge base in virology, molecular biology, drug target discovery, vaccine development, bioinformatics, antibody develo...

PhD in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences
USD15 per hour
Freelance data scientist | Bg in molecular biology and plant genetics | Experience in R & Python

Background in molecular biology, biochemistry, plant breeding & genetics. Work experience with plant genomic & transcriptomic d...

USD45 per hour
Microbial ecology and microbiome analysis expert with next generation sequencing and bioinformatics expertise

I am a microbial ecologist with expertise in both gut and environmental microbiome analysis, knowledge in using and developing next-generation ...

United States
USD50 per hour
Computational scientist specializing in biotechnology, bioinformatics, genomics, data distillation and machine learning

Scientist / Data analyst / Software engineer, specializing in biotechnology. I work on transforming complex data into understanding, using comp...

USD50 per hour
Expertise in Designing of NGS projects, Data Analysis and Article review

Hi, am Ram, did my Ph.D in Microbiology from Indian Agriculture Research Institute and RD University, India. Have rich experience of about 10 y...

M.Sc. Microbiology
USD100 per hour
Associate Professor at Beni-Suef University

My research interests are about : biotechnology; enzymology; protein engineering; structural bioinformatics; enzymes; hydroases; cellulase; ch...

United States
USD30 per hour
Cell biology research scientist with a strong background in vascular and pulmonary physiology

Pulmonary physiology research scientist studying inflammation in pulmonary microvessels. My primary focus has been studying the expansion of pu...

PhD Data Science (Bioinformatics)
United Kingdom
USD50 per hour

A freelance Data Scientist you can trust - whatever the challenge - you’ll find I’m a good pair of hands. It’s tough out there at the moment. M...

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, PhD
Saudi Arabia
USD25 per hour

My current research interests are in the field of computational structural biology using, protein design, and specifically computational vaccin...

United Kingdom
USD75 per hour
Experienced Cancer Researcher with Project/Personnel Management Skills and an Aptitude for Scientific Writing

As a former Instructor/Junior Faculty (MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA), I have a strong knowledge base in cancer biology, and prov...

Freelance Bioinformatics&Computational analysis | Expert in ChIP&ATAC-seq, microarrays, ontologies & biologi...

My PhD project focused on the genetic association study & biological networks generated from SNPs data of diabetic complications. My f...

USD50 per hour
Specialist in phylogenetic and genomics, including genome sequencing, assembly and analyses

My main research interest is to understand how biodiversity we observe today has evolved. For example, is disjunct biogeography due to neutral ...

Ph.D. in Food Systems: Characterization of the intestinal microbial ecosystem through bioinformatic and statistical analyses of the microbiomics data
USD20 per hour
Freelance Bioinformatician, Biostatistician, Data Scientist | Expert in BigData, Microbiota Research, NGS

I was born as a molecular biologist with my gaze fixed on genetic engineering and few years later I have begun the way towards biostatistics an...

Master Molecular Biology
USD50 per hour
PhD Student, Working in Molecular Biology & Bioinformatic. Experience in Big Data Analysis, Genomics & Transcrip...

Strong experience in big data analysis, genomics & transcriptomics. Now doing a PhD in University of Buenos Aires. My actual project in...

United States
USD95 per hour

Senior scientist with 20+ years of research experience in molecular biology with a strong record of scientific and technical accomplishments.

I am an independent consultant in Bioinformatics and data scientist working with various labs in the areas of microbiology, molecular biology, ...

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