Why biopharma companies need freelance content writers


Freelance scientific content writers can help biopharma companies establish authority in the market and communicate the value of their products better to their target audience.

Small and medium sized enterprises in the biopharmaceutical industry are rapidly taking centre stage, as we can see in the post-COVID world. As competition remains fierce within biopharma SMBs, they work on strategies that help them build trust and establish themselves in the market. One of the key aspects that can help with this is content marketing. From blog articles and press releases to social media and newsletters, content forms a key part of trust-building with stakeholders in biopharma companies.

Life science companies need writers who can not just create compelling content but also provide scientifically-backed facts and be able to translate complex concepts into accessible language. Thanks to the freelance revolution, qualified scientists and science writers are increasingly available to create this content. Here are five benefits of hiring biopharma content writers:

1) Establish authority

The first and foremost value that expert content writers provide is that they are authorities in their subjects and disciplines. A biotechnology researcher, who has worked on genome editing projects, can write scientifically-accurate articles on CRISPR technology. A food chemist can provide verified content on the best food preservation techniques. In an age when a large part of a business’s growth and performance is linked to their online visibility and presence, good-quality content is absolutely non-negotiable. Google’s E-A-T guidelines also emphasize on the fact that expert-sourced, verified and reviewed articles are ranked higher than articles that are sourced from writers without the required credentials. The author bio linked to an article adds credibility and strength to your content.

2) Save time

Free up your biotechnology researchers for more work that needs biopharmaceutical knowhow. Typically, scientists and researchers may not have the skill set they need to write content for a business or layperson audience. Instead of them spending time working on science communication material, let biopharma content writers write about these issues. Some of the areas freelance content writers can help with include:

  • Generating content for blog articles on a regular basis
  • Writing press releases to announce the results of a clinical trial or the launch of a new therapy
  • Developing high-quality ebooks on your company’s biotech technologies or ongoing research
  • Communicating to a scientific audience especially if your product is targeted at scientists
  • Researching, verifying and fact-checking a topic to ensure there is no scientific misinformation

3) Save money

The costs involved in outsourcing biopharma content services can be much less than employing a team of writers in-house. On Kolabtree for example, scientific content writers charge an hourly rate ranging from $40-$60. A blog article of about 2,500 words can cost about $400. You can work with freelance content writers on a per-project fee, hourly or a retainer fee. This will also help you manage and estimate your budgets better. One of the benefits of working with freelancers is that you can source niche subject area experts based on the product or research you’re writing about. It may not be possible to have one writer in-house who can write about all topics with the same level of expertise.

4)  Source the best quality content

A good biotechnology writer who has worked in the pharma industry for several years will be well-versed with researching a topic or deep diving into the literature available on an existing technology or product. They can bring a lot of pre-existing information together from various sources to make your article or blog post more interesting and detailed. This is a great way for biopharma companies to save costs related to researching product literature and strengthen their content with references and relevant published scientific articles. For example, Chemo Mouthpiece, a medical device company in the US, hired a freelance science writer on Kolabtree to develop a summary of outcomes and supporting documentation required for the launch of the cryotherapy device. 

5) Hire from anywhere in the world

Freelance biopharma content writer services are available across the globe. One of the greatest benefits of hiring biopharma writers online is that you can tap into a global talent network without having to compromise on quality. You can be a one-person startup but still have access to an international workforce that can help you create engaging biopharmaceutical content.

Whether you’re looking for a biotechnology blogger who can write extensively about the latest developments in stem cell research or someone who can talk to your target audience about bio-similar products, Kolabtree has thousands of freelance science writers and subject matter experts spread across continents. Work with PhD-qualified researchers, established biopharma industry experts and trusted science writers.

Kolabtree helps businesses worldwide hire experts on demand. Our freelancers have helped companies publish research papers, develop products, analyze data, and more. It only takes a minute to tell us what you need done and get quotes from experts for free.


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