Top 10 Pharma Conferences To Attend in 2019


There are quite a few pharma conferences to look forward to in 2019. Conferences are great avenues for bioscience professionals to connect, find business leads and stay informed with the key developments of the industry. For emerging pharma companies, the avenue becomes even greater, as it becomes an opportunity to showcase their research to the world.

Pharma conferences provide a platform for industry insiders, regulatory professionals, healthcare advocates and researchers to engage and potentially collaborate. With companies increasingly outsourcing their work to freelance scientists, hiring remote teams for clinical research and working across borders to bring new products to the market, it is essential to be up to date with the way the workforce has evolved. These events typically offer the opportunity to engage in conversations on crucial developments in therapeutics, new drug development challenges, novel drug discovery pathways, while industry leaders present groundbreaking advancements that point the way forward.

Here is an easy guide to the top pharma conferences to attend in 2019.

1. EDQM-USP ‘13th International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Reference Standards (March 13th – 14th, 2019, Strasbourg, France)

Pharmaceutical reference standards play a vital role in the development and production of medicines and are essential for their quality control. This symposium will bring together stakeholders involved in the manufacture, characterization, and use of reference standards to exchange their views and opinions on the different issues involved in API and drug product manufacturing. The EDQM-USP International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Reference Standards is an amazing opportunity to connect with GLP-certified laboratories, GMP-compliant API manufacturers, regulatory affairs executives from Europe, Asia, and North America as they participate in discussions on biomanufacturing reference standards and quality control.

2. ASCPT 2019 Annual Meeting (March 13th – 16th, 2019, Washington DC)

A core part of drug development is assessing the pharmacological characteristics of drug compounds, and recent advances in physiologically-based PK (PBPK) modeling for drugs delivered directly to sites of action have made this scientific area a hot prospect for drug makers. The main aim of the ASCPT Annual Meeting 2019 is to aid in advancing product development strategies for quicker time-to-market by identifying the most efficient bioequivalence (BE) studies of interest. This is going to be the arena where pharmaceutics and pharmacology researchers present some big drug discoveries that will tell where the future of drug discovery and molecular modeling is headed.

One of the most high-profile pharma conferences noted as “the premier business development event” for pharma professionals, the DCAT Week is a pharma business exhibition hosted by the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association. Besides being one of the legendary pharma conferences of the industry, it is noteworthy for its keynote addresses by Nobel Laureates, big pharma CEOs, investors and key decision-making leaders of pharma. Registrations are open for the DCAT Week 2019 Central Park Run sponsored by Teva API.

Coming up soon in Washington is the Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress 2019 where pharmaceutical compliance and legal professionals will gather to address ongoing struggles of biopharma companies. The key speakers at the event this year include Bryant Aaron, VP, Chief Compliance Officer, Novartis Pharmaceuticals; Sujata Dayal, Vice President, Health Care Compliance and Privacy, Johnson & Johnson; and Debbie Walters, VP and Assistant General Counsel, Pfizer. Registrations are open through the website as well as email for pharmaceutical, biotech, and legal professionals.

One of the pharmaceutical industry’s leading business events, CPhI North America, is best known for connecting the dots in the American pharmaceutical supply chain. While networking remains a key activity for pharma professionals in this event, attending the presentations by industry veterans at CPhI is another important aspect of the visit. Be ready to experience pharma powerhouses illustrate their scientific armor as they present niche therapeutic pathways, discuss challenges surrounding drug shortages, product quality, manufacturing active substances and not to forget, the cost-effectiveness of drug R&D.

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The ASCO Annual Meeting discusses the latest developments in the world of oncology from clinical, regulatory and patient access standpoints. This event is commonly flocked by academic scholars, emerging biotech companies, big pharma players, early stage and late stage oncology companies and helmed by some prolific industry leaders.

ASCO is the best venue to witness crisp conversations on oncology’s current challenges, developments in regulatory decision making and increasing patient access to cancer treatments. Registrations are currently open for meetings, exhibitors and seminars, and the event is sponsored through the Conquer Cancer Foundation in which Eli Lilly is a supporter.

One of the recently started industry events in Europe, Digital Pharma Europe provides a common platform for digital marketers, software product developers, branding experts, data scientists, application scientists, drug discovery scientists, and pharma business executives. The event is an ideal platform to discuss clinical data management, real-world evidence, data safety, and privacy. This is a place to gauge the waves of digital disruption in pharma which is affecting the overall transformation of the European biopharma landscape. 2019 presents the 11th edition of the event, with Merck Serono as one of the sponsors.

Pharma conferences are a place where discussions on innovations in medicine and regulatory affairs go hand-in-hand. As important as it is to attend meetings with the regulatory bodies, pharma executives spend a good amount of time conversing on product quality, drug manufacturing guidance and the complexities governing regulatory decision making.

The Organization for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs is hosting the TOPRA Annual Symposium 2019 in cooperation with Health Products Regulatory Authority, Ireland. It is a confluence of regulatory professionals working on medical devices, human and animal drugs, and advanced therapies. This year features a seminar on the future of pharmaceutical regulations and regulatory decision making.

One of Europe’s trendsetting pharma events is the ESMO Annual Meeting, where clinicians, patient advocates, journalists and small and medium business owners in pharma come together. This global stage offers professionals the opportunity to collaborate and engage with industry veterans as well as increase visibility for discovery-stage companies to greater audiences.

This year, the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2019 is hosting special seminars on molecular markers, vector-based treatment modalities, ethical issues in drug molecule discovery etc. Save the dates and plan the visit to the ESMO Annual Meeting 2019 to keep pace with the fast-changing world of oncology.

As stated in its 2019 edition, The Financial Times’ Annual FT Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference “brings together the industry’s top executives and visionaries to explore the latest trends from biosimilars to digital therapeutics to next-generation neuroscience and diagnostics set to reshape the industry far into the future.” This event offers spectators the chance to de-learn, discover and decode the transformative journey of the pharmaceutical industry. It is the best platform for emerging pharma startups to get connected with investors, public relations professionals, biopharma industry veterans and the far-reaching stalwarts of academic institutions.

Know of a pharma conference we missed out? Let us know in the comments!

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