Featured Expert: Roberto Zanchi


This week, as part of our Friday Feature series, we feature Dr. Roberto Zanchi, a research scientist with broad expertise in molecular and cell biology, and in the genetic engineering of animal models.

Dr. Zanchi is a PhD from Cambridge University. He has in-depth knowledge of molecular and cell biology, especially with respect to the following areas: genetics, cell motility, membrane trafficking and host-pathogen interaction. His experience also includes molecular cloning and pharmacokinetic modelling.

He specializes in the following technical skills:
– Molecular cloning
– Confocal microscopy (live cell imaging and IF)
– Flow cytometry
– Protein purification
– Western, Southern and northern blotting
– Mammalian cell tissue culture
– Automated amino acid analysis
– Preparative scale HPLC
– Image analysis (ImageJ) and statistical analysis (R language)

Specialties: Proteins & Peptides, Biochemistry, DNA Separation & Purification, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Animal Genetics, Biology, Pharmacology, Life Sciences, Microscopy, Immunochemistry, Animal Biotechnology

To know more about Dr. Zanchi’s research projects and to consult him for a project, get in touch with him here.



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