Quais são os dois grandes mitos sobre a contratação de especialistas em doutorado?


Muitas vezes ouvimos dizer que muitas empresas evitam contratar doutorados e preferem contratar aqueles com mestrado por vários motivos. À primeira vista, parece bastante estranho que os empregadores se mantenham longe de aspirantes mais qualificados e se contentem com candidatos menos qualificados. No entanto, há mais do que apenas o fato de que os empregadores têm que oferecer mais remuneração aos candidatos com diplomas mais elevados.

There are many myths floating around hiring PhDs. We try to unravel two common myths to see if they hold any água.

Mito 1: Os doutores estão acostumados a trabalhar de forma independente. Eles vão achar difícil trabalhar em equipe.
The fact is that almost all PhDs have to work with other scholars on various projects. Pesquisa estatísticas reveal that except in Math, single-authored artigos were relatively rare in most fields even as long ago as 1975. This implies that PhDs invariably have to collaborate with other scholars in order to get published. This involves not only sharing resources but also being a part of several discussions and brainstorming sessions. This makes PhDs more than qualified to work with and successfully coordinate with teams.

The fact that they’re independent implies that they can work with minimal supervision. PhDs don’t require micromanagement. They can think on their feet and wriggle out of difficult situations. Remember that PhDs are typically the brightest students in school and college – not everyone goes on to do a PhD. Roughly 2% of the population has a PhD degree. In essence, PhDs represent the cream of the population, and hiring a PhD means you’ve automatically chosen to hire the best of the lot.

Mito 2: Os doutores são muito acadêmicos e podem não ser adequados para trabalhar na indústria.
Yes, the fact remains that most PhDs dream of tenure track faculty positions within academia as their ultimate career goal. However, times have changed and so have realities. Although every other career stream is perceived as a secondary and an “alternative career,” a very pequeno percentage of PhDs actually end up with tenure track positions. For example, only 14% of PhDs em Biologia e Ciências da Vida land an acadêmico position within the first five years. So, in essence, academia is actually an alternative career, and an increasing number of PhD graduates are making their presence felt in the industry.

Businesses that are hiring PhD experts are feeling the difference and making huge strides in innovation. With the exponential growth of the digital landscape, a lot of things are witnessing a never-before change. Though not directly related but an increasing number of PhD graduates are now launching their own startups, and they’re doing an excellent job at that! The bedrock of every startup lies in constant innovation, and PhDs specialize in creating new informações and exploring the unexplored. Contratar um PhD para experimentar a diferença.

Gostaria também de convidar os empregadores e os doutorados a comentarem outros mitos prevalecentes sobre a contratação de doutorados.

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