Prazo do Programa do Projeto Piloto Prorrogado até 31 de agosto de 2015!


We have some real good news this month! We’ve just decided to extend our Pilot Projeto Program (PPP) by another couple of months on popular demand. The last date to submit an entry for PPP has now been extended to 31 August 2015.

Kolabtree had launched its PPP this year inviting researchers, strategy firms, and businesses to submit projects under our experimental desenho, statistical revisão, data análise, literature search, and scientific consultation services. We’d offered to sponsor and complete these projects free of cost (worth up to USD 1,000). The good news is that this offer now holds true till 31 August 2015.


Our base of registered freelance PhD experts has grown from 300+ to 1,000+ in the past few months, including PhD experts from prestigious institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard University, MIT, and Oxford University. This has given our clients much more choice, and this is why we’re already seeing repeat negócios. So, if you need to find an expert, Kolabtree is the best place to head for.

Kolabtree now has subject matéria experts across various domains, which makes finding and hiring the right PhD experts for your project super easy! So, spread the word to avail of this great offer at the earliest! Sign up on Kolabtree for hiring and post your project aqui.

A Kolabtree ajuda empresas em todo o mundo a contratar especialistas sob demanda. Nossos freelancers têm ajudado empresas a publicar pesquisa artigosdesenvolver produtosAnalisar dados, e muito mais. Leva apenas um minuto para nos dizer o que você precisa fazer e obter citações de especialistas de graça.


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