Nine Insightful Data Science News Articles from November 2017


November has been an exciting month for data science: we’ve seen some incredible data visualizations from around the world, we’ve seen the world’s first AI politician come into existence, and we’ve got analytics finding application in every field from healthcare to cosmetics. Here are some of the most insightful data science news articles from November 2017, covering AI, machine learning and analytics.


1. Get lost in this visualization of interconnected global issues
On the World Economic Forum’s new data visualization platform, ‘Transformation Maps’
Robbie Gonsalez, WIRED
Check out the incredible platform here:

2. This virtual politician wants to run for office
New Zealand’s first AI politician, who communicates through Facebook messenger, promises to make bias-free decisions 
Meg Wagner, CNN

3. Four Keys To Building Your Data Science Function From DJ Patil,’s New Board Advisor
Expert advice from the first US Chief Data Scientist 
Everett Harper, Forbes

4. How Today’s Analytics Change Recruiting
The impact of big data on HR
Lisa Morgan, InformationWeek

5. Data storytelling done right: 8 easy tips to avoid bad visualization
Avoid avocados, try not to use pie charts and other tips on how to make data beautiful 
Steve Carufel, Online Journalism Blog

6. How machine learning is helping neuroscientists understand the brain
An expert argues that neuroscience is using the wrong metaphors
Daniel Bear, Massive

7. The trouble with bitcoin and big data is the huge energy bill
The power consumed by the internet giants’ massive server farms and the mining of the cryptocurrency are growing into a giant environmental headache
John Naughton, The Guardian

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8. New tool quantifies power imbalance between female and male characters in Hollywood movie
A tool that can analyze gender bias in movies
Jennifer Langston, University of Washinton News

9. T-HR3: Toyota’s new remote-controlled robot
Toyota’s third-generation humanoid robot 
Toyota Blog

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