13 Medical Device Conferences 2020 to Help You Prepare for EU MDR


The medical device landscape is rapidly changing, as new technologies, innovations and regulations come into play. It is more important than ever for all stakeholders to keep themselves updated about the advances in the industry. New manufacturers will have to comply with the EU MDR that’s rolling out on May 2020, and existing manufacturers are preparing to transition to the new regulations. A recent survey carried out by KPMG/RAPS shows that only 58% of businesses understand the MDR implications fully. Medtech events and medical device conferences 2020 are a great way of getting an in-depth understanding of the new regulations and what they mean for you. They also offer insight into the global regulations and compliance, research, market opportunities, and industry growth. Here are some of the MDR seminars and medical device conferences to attend in 2020.

1. Critical Issues for Medical Devices in 2020, Jan 30, Boston

A one-day conference targeted at domestic device manufacturers, design engineers, device exporters, and logistics managers, covering topics like the new FDA regulations, EU MDR, 510(k) self-certifications, what to expect from a Notified Body, and cybersecurity.

2. Medical Design & Manufacturing West Conference, Feb 11-13 2020, Anaheim, CA

MDM is the world’s largest medical design and manufacturing event. The 2020 conference tracks include global and FDA regulations, MDR, 3D printing, smart manufacturing, medical plastics, global and FDA regulations, and digital health technologies.

3. Future Health 2020, 17-18 March 2020, London

With 4,000+ attendees from 70+ countries, this conference is held in association with with UKIHMA. The event covers regulatory compliance, medical devices & instruments, imaging diagnostics,  IT systems & cloud cybersecurity, disposables & cleanroom, healthcare services, and several other topics related to healthcare innovation and technology.

4. UK Med-Tech Innovation Expo, 1st – 2nd April 2020, Birmingham

Med-tech Innovation Expo mainly focuses on medical design and manufacturing technology. Attendees include over 4,000 designers, engineers, innovators and manufacturers from across the medical and healthcare sector. There is a big focus on medical plastics, digital health-tech and new materials and applications. Med-tech Innovation News is the main partner, and Digital Health Age, Packaging Europe and Women in Plastics are some of the other partners.

5. Drug/Device and Device/Drug Combinations in the EU and USA, 2-3 April 2020, London

This is a course aimed at regulatory and development personnel in the medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries.  It covers a broad range of topics related to the EU regulations and MDR, notified bodies and approvals. Especially useful for medical device SMBs trying to place new products on the market or recertify existing products.

6. 2020 EBME Expo, 29th-30th April 2020, Milton Keynes, UK

In its 11th edition, this conference sees over 500 high level attendees, including healthcare technologists, clinical scientists, EBME managers, doctors and nurses, and more. The main focus of the conference will be on on innovations in medical equipment technology and maintenance on day one, and medical equipment management, procurement, and training on day two. Baxter Healthcare, Pharmed and GE Healthcare are some of the exhibitors for the 2020 conferences. Read more here.

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7. 10x Medical Device Conference, 15-16 Apr 2020, San Diego, USA

The 10x Medical Device conference brings together a variety of medical device stakeholders — companies, researchers, marketers, consultants and more, with the aim of offering a space where people can network and potentially collaborate.

8. FDA/Xavier MedCon Conference 2020, May 5-8, Ohio

You have the opportunity to listen to and interact with FDA officials, field investigators and global industry experts at this 4-day conference. Features speakers from NSF, Illumina, and MDMA and covers FDA regulations, EU MDR, cybersecurity, 3D printing, and more.

14. The MedTech Forum & The Global MedTech Compliance Conference Berlin, May 25-27, 2020, Germany

With 300+ speakers and 3,000+ attendees, the medtech conference is one of the largest medical/health tech conferences in Europe. It has a strong focus on regulatory compliance. Previous sponsors have included BCG, Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson, and more.

9. MedForce, 09 – 10 June, 2020, Berlin

MedForce is the Marketing and Sales Strategy Conference for MedTech Commercial Leaders, enabling medtech companies to share their marketing strategies and digital capabilities. Previous speakers include those from GE Healthcare, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and more.

10. Medtech Summit, 22 – 26 June 2020, Dublin, Ireland

Sponsored by the likes of Elsevier, NAMSA and Deloitte, the Medtech Summit targets both both medical device and IVD professionals across the globe, with a focus on regulatory processes and approvals. It calls itself the “one stop shop for EU Medical Device Regulations advice”.

11. Florida International Medical Expo, June 23-25, 2020, Florida

FIME is the largest medical trade fair highlighting advancements, innovation,  technologies, medical device experts and professionals in North and Latin America. Attendees include leaders from Microsoft, Jefferson Health, and more. It focuses on medical device and equipment manufacturers and distributors and offers a space to  facilitate and strengthen supplier relationships, and expand your presence in new markets.

12. 4th Annual US EU MDR Implementation Conference, July 2020, Arlington, VA 

The 4th Annual US EU MDR Implementation Conference will focus on the time remaining in the transition period and will clarify areas of uncertainty. Some of the topics addressed are risk based approach during final implementation transition period, threshold of sufficient clinical evidence without equivalency data Establishing a relationship and open communication with notified bodies and integrating EUDAMED into workflows without implementation guidance.

13. MedTech Conference, October 5-7, Toronto

With 300+ speakers and 3,000+ attendees, the medtech conference is being held for the first time outside the US. It offers an exhibition space, talks and interactive sessions from industry leaders, and focusses on cybersecurity, trade, EU MDR, precision medicine, AI, and more.

Attending these conferences will help you understand MDR implementation and compliance from the experts. If you’re a medical device company or consultant seeking quick help with MDR compliance or clinical evaluation report writing, get in touch with Kolabtree experts. It’s free to post your project and get quotes from PhD-level scientists.

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