Featured Expert: Leslee Lazar


Dr Leslee Lazar embodies a surprising combination of neuroscience and graphic design. He provides visual communication solutions for scientists – cover art, figures, powerpoint presentations, website design, artwork for blogss, editorial illustrations, infographics, media outreach, merchandise, etc.

Dr. Lazar has research experience in sensory processing, plasticity, spinal cord injury, Parkinsons disease, movement disorders and spinal cord injury models. His technical expertise is in primate neurophysiology, primate behavioral training , immunohistochemistry, in-vivo electrophysiology, transgenic viral tact tracing, histology, microscopy (flourescence, light, confocal, lucida), transgenic mice behavior, optogenetics and pharmacogenetics.

He has a PhD from National Brain Research Centre, India and post-doctoral experience at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.

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