Kolabtree surpasses 10,000 freelancers!


We are thrilled to announce that we now have on board over 10,000 registered freelance experts on Kolabtree. It is a huge milestone in our journey towards facilitating collaboration among scientists and businesses. We are now the world’s largest freelance platform for freelance scientists and researchers.

Kolabtree was founded in 2015 with the aim of making scientific expertise affordable and accessible. Since then, we have grown by leaps and bounds; we now receive 400 projects a month from businesses of all sizes. Our global network of freelancers, many of whom hold PhDs from universities like MIT, Cambridge, Oxford and Stanford, have helped companies launch products, interpret complex data and publish research papers. We’ve also had some fun projects on gaming probability, creating pet foods and (wait for it) building a time machine! What can we say? Our freelancers love a challenge!

Here’s a glimpse of the fantastic projects we’ve helped take to success:

  1. Launch of ChemoMouthpiece 
    Of all the projects that we’ve received, this is one that we felt truly proud to have been a part of it. Jon Mendelsson, the Chief Operating Officer of ChemoMouthpiece, a medical device company, was looking for a scientific writer to help with research documentation required for the launch of their product. He found and collaborated with a medical writer on Kolabtree, who played a key role in the success of the product launch. ChemoMouthpiece is a cryotherapy device used to minimize the pain caused to patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  2. Solving the Friends ‘Pivot’ scene
    When we launched Kolabtree, little did we know that one of our freelancers would help solve how Ross could have actually got the sofa up his stairs in Friends. On behalf of SpareRoom, London-based PR agency hired a mathematician on Kolabtree to devise a formula that could have helped Ross get the sofa up his stairs (clue: it involved not just a “pivot” but also a tilt of the sofa at a specific angle).
  3. Improving scientific communication 
    Impactys, a transpacific CRO, works with scientific writers on Kolabtree who help with creating and editing scientific articles based on specialized life science subjects. Kolabtree has also helped several healthcare SMB’s, life sciences product startups and healthcare communications agencies create authoritative and high-quality medical content for their websites.

Up until now, scientific expertise has been largely accessible to only large companies who could afford it. Remote work has transformed the way we work and get things done. Employees worldwide are going freelance or switching to remote careers because of the flexibility and freedom it offers — and scientists are no exception! We strongly believe that the increased collaboration within the scientific community as well as with industries will pave the way for better innovation.

With our growing global network of 10,000 freelance experts and counting, we look forward to facilitating more collaborations through Kolabtree. And who knows, one day we might just be able to build that time machine.

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