As the knowledge economy grows stronger, it’s imperative that various stakeholders, including academic researchers, industry scientists, and businesses, work closely to solve tricky problems that span disciplines and to bring products to マーケット that leverage the latest scientific developments. With this mission, Kolabtree offers a platform to provide on-demand access to PhD-qualified experts for research and business projects.


このたび、新しいウェブサイトを開設しました。こちらをご覧ください。 www.kolabtree.com


Kolabtree is a unique freelancer marketplace offering services such as Scientific Consulting, Experimental デザイン, Statistical Review, Data Analysis, Literature 検索, ライティングとしています。 編集. Through this innovative platform, PhD-qualified experts can lend their expertise to help resolve various issues across the scientific spectrum. Examples include helping someone find the best software to conduct a statistical analysis, guiding someone to the right resource for obtaining their next round of funding, and advising someone stuck with designing a suitable test for a research 研究.


Further, postdocs and PhDs are invited to be a part of this unique initiative by registering as a freelance expert with Kolabtree. Our processes are simple and straightforward. We’ll get projects for you to work on to further your research and industry experience. You just set your own rates, negotiate the terms of the プロジェクト, and use our secure payment システム and ensure you receive payment.


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Kolabtreeは、世界中の企業がオンデマンドで専門家を雇用できるよう支援します。私たちのフリーランサーは、企業が研究を公開するのを助けてきました。 書類製品開発、データ解析など、さまざまな業務に対応します。1分ほどで、お客様のご要望をお聞かせいただき、専門家によるお見積りを無料でお受けしています。