AI Trends in MedTech and Digital Healthcare: Kolabtree Whitepaper


コラブツリー have recently published a whitepaper on ‘AI trends in medtech and digital ヘルスケア’, authored by Dr. Morgana Moretti, フリーランス メディカルライター on the Kolabtree platform.

Whitepaper Overview

The rise of AI trends and capabilities has been consistent across various domains in the last few years, and its impact has been emphatic in the メドテック そして ヘルスケア industries as well. With AI and 機械学習 solutions growing highly sophisticated to the point of accurately mimicking human intelligence, 医療機器 and healthcare players are using this to optimize diagnosis, disease detection and multiple other operations across the medicinal chain.

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によると market research report that MarketsandMarkets™ published, the revolutionization that AI is driving across Medtech and healthcare is here to stay. The global AI in healthcare market size was valued at USD 6.9 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 67.4 billion by 2027, pointing to an undeniable growth across various significant sectors.

There are specific examples of research to pinpoint the potential of AI trends and technology to result in impactful outcomes. AI-facilitated drug discovery, for instance, has the potential to increase productivity, improve efficiency and accelerate discovery timelines. Recent research supports this assumption by showing that many AI-enabled programs completed the entire discovery and preclinical journey in less than four years, which compares favourably to historical timelines of five to six years.

From drug discovery to predicting medicine shortages, this white paper explores how AI can be the next significant change in healthcare.

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