How to hire a pharmacology consultant


Kolabtree scientific writer Natasha Beeton provides a quick guide on how to hire a pharmacology consultant, including what a pharmacology expert typically does, and how much it costs to work with a freelancer.

Pharmacology is a key area of human and veterinary health sciences, without which healthcare professionals would not be able to provide patients with the right medicine at the right dosage.

What does a pharmacology expert do?

Pharmacologists help to discover, develop, and test new drugs for human and veterinary use. These experts study how drugs interact with biological systems and are absorbed, metabolized, and spread throughout the body. They also look at the potential side effects of various drugs and interactions between drugs. They use both in vitro (cells or tissues) and in vivo (whole animals) research methods to predict the effects of new drugs on humans.

There are several specializations in pharmacology. For example, clinical pharmacologists investigate how medications can be used to treat disease. Those specializing in toxicology study the adverse effects of individual drugs and those arising from drug interactions with other drugs, medicinal herbs, traditional medicines, foods or beverages. Neuropharmacologists develop treatments for neurological and mental diseases. There is also cardiovascular pharmacology, psychopharmacology, endocrine pharmacology, veterinary pharmacology, and pharmacokinetics among others.

Pharmacologists are mostly employed by drug discovery companies and large pharmaceutical companies. They also work for universities, forensics laboratories, national health services, regulatory agencies, biotechnology companies, and research institutes. Pharmacologists can move into other allied fields, such as medical sales and marketing, drug registration, and patent law.

The typical responsibilities of pharmacologists can include:

  • Discovering, developing, and testing new medications and drugs
  • Improving the effectiveness and safety of existing drugs
  • Performing in vitro drug screening
  • Carrying out clinical trials on animals or consenting adults
  • Analyzing the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and efficacy of drug candidates
  • Safety monitoring and quality assurance of new drugs according to regulatory standards and procedures
  • Investigating the side effects and interactions of drugs
  • Developing in vitro and in vivo models for drug testing
  • Researching why and how certain drugs cause addiction
  • Liaising with regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with local, national, and international regulations
  • Conducting basic or clinical research at universities, hospitals, research institutes, and private companies
  • Writing reports and research papers, presenting findings to stakeholders

Pharmacologists must have both an undergraduate degree and an advanced degree such as a Ph.D. in Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry or a related field, or a Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy) or M.D. Many professionals in the field hold both a Pharm.D./M.D. and a Ph.D. Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is typically required.

Their job titles vary and can include Senior Pharmacologist, Clinical Pharmacologist, Toxicologist, and Cardiac Pharmacologist. There are also pharmacology content writers, who specialize in writing in this field for the media, government, business, and academia.

How much does it cost to hire a freelance pharmacologist?

To hire a freelance pharmacology consultant, the fee generally ranges from 40–150 USD per hour depending on how specialized the required skillset is and the level of experience necessary.

The hourly fee can be negotiated upfront based on the estimated number of project hours, or a flat fee (for projects of a defined scope) can be discussed. If you need short-term/temporary access to pharmacology expert services, then hiring a freelance pharmacology consultant or a clinical research consultant is a convenient and cost-effective way to interact with these professionals.

How do you write an effective job post to hire a pharmacology consultant?

The best way to attract the top Kolabtree freelancers in this field is to make your project description informative. You will need to provide information on the following:

  • Skills required (e.g., drug discovery)
  • What the project area is (e.g., development of a new class of potent, non-addictive painkiller)
  • What the project entails (e.g., consulting regarding compound screening)
  • What the deliverables are (be specific about what you need the outputs to be)
  • Duration of the project (provide an estimate of how many hours work you will need per week/by when you need the project to be completed)
  • By when you need to hire (having more leeway on this will give you more time to choose the best expert for your needs)
  • Your budget (per hour or fixed fee)

If you are unsure what exactly is required, provide as much detail as possible will allow the experts to estimate the amount of work required and send you a realistic price estimate. You can always discuss your requirements freely with freelancers before hiring an expert.

Our platform makes it easier than ever before to connect and collaborate with pharmacology consultants who can provide your business with the high-level expertise you need.

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