How much does it cost to hire a blog writer? [Includes calculator]


Why hire expert blog writers for your business and how much does it cost? Use our smart cost calculator to find out. 

A blog often serves as the #1 marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. In industries like life sciences, publishing, medicine, and education, a blog not only fulfils the purpose of educating users about products and services, but also improves trust and establishes authority. A blog typically comprises articles on relevant industry insights and updates, thought leadership, announcements of new products or services. It may also feature case studies and customer success stories.

Larger enterprises may run several blogs focussed on specific topics. Illumina, for example, runs the Perspectives blog, which publishes thought leadership content, as well as the Informatics blog, which publishes more product-specific content. The ThermoFisher blog publishes science blog articles in various categories, and also provides regional blog content in multiple languages.

Maintaining a blog requires publishing content regularly across a wide variety of topics.

There are two problems that content marketing managers frequently face:

  • Having a steady pipeline of content for consistent output
  • Sourcing high-quality content from qualified experts

Content managers often source articles from freelance blog writers with expertise in a specific subject area. The benefits of hiring contract writers also means that you can retain them on an on-demand or retainer basis, covering any editorial gaps in the calendar. More importantly, it means that you can access the expertise of qualified and established specialists in a specific industry or research area, which in turn boosts the credibility of your articles.

How much does it cost to hire a blog writer?

If you’re looking to work with qualified science writers, we’ve developed a calculator below to help you get an estimate. As a reference, hiring a PhD-qualified science or medical writer on Kolabtree costs between USD 40-60 per hour. The calculator uses data from thousands of projects on Kolabtree which have required the expertise of a subject matter expert.

Blog writing services calculator

Blog article writing services
An estimate of how much it costs to hire a Kolabtree expert for content writing services. Please keep in mind that these prices serve as a guidance only. Freelancers quote fees based on the complexity and urgency of the project. The base price is for writing.

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