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Megan Fisklements is a highly experienced and passionate Food Scientist, with a PhD from the University of California, Davis. Her industry experience includes research planning, methods development, rapid prototyping, desarrollo de productos, patent applications, product upscaling, business-to-business and co-packer relations, and brand ambassadorship to both businesses and consumers.

She has hands-on research experience in reduction and elimination of eggs and dairy ingredients in a variety of food systems, food emulsion biochemistry and physical química, fermentation and coagulation within non-dairy systems, dehydrated vegetable and fruit microstructures, peri- and post-harvest almond quality quantification (including fieldwork), mammalian and bacterial cell biology, materials science and engineering, proteomics, and biomedical research.

Ha realizado numerosos cursos sobre fisiología vegetal y biología postcosecha, conservación y mantenimiento de la calidad de los productos frescos y tecnologías avanzadas de procesamiento de alimentos, tanto térmicas como no térmicas.

Holding certificates from the Better Process Control School and manager-level ServSafe(tm), Dr. Fisklements is also experienced with JMP statistical analysis software, including multivariate experimental design (DOE) and results interpretation. She’s trained, managed and mentored more than a dozen research assistants individually and in teams. She has a proven record of cross-disciplinary leadership and teamwork, bridging between chefs, food technologists, protein chemists and biochemists, and executives.

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Her interests include: food-related global problems and how to ameliorate them, evolutionary biology, human biome trends, organic and DIY food movements, and being a resource for non-scientists’ ciencia de los alimentos questions.

En sus palabras, "Taxistas, fiesteros, antiguos vecinos que me llaman al azar, vendedores al por menor; disfruto profundamente hablando de ciencia de los alimentos con cualquiera que esté remotamente interesado. 

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