Eight Must-Read Data Science Articles from Feb 2018


Data science continues to revolutionize industries and workplaces worldwide. As businesses realize the power of analytics, they’ve started to hire data scientists on a large scale, so that they can take accurate, data-driven decisions. Industries like healthcare and food are starting to incorporate AI and machine learning in a big way — from using predictive diagnostics to burger-flipping robots. Gmail and Snap have both started to offer users analytics, while Arm has announced Project Trillium, a machine learning project that can help smartphones detect objects and provide intelligent feedback. Here are some of the best reads in the analytics, AI and ML space from February 2018:

1. Data Science 2018: Three trends you need to know

Tripp Smith, Data Center Journal

2. Arm is changing machine learning experiences: Project Trillium

Jem Davies, Arm community

3. 10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Marketing

Louis Columbus, Forbes

4. Don’t worry about AI going bad – the minds behind it are the danger

John Naughton, The Guardian

5. Gmail now has analytics, and it’s awesome

Larry Alton, The Next Web

6. Top Skills Data Scientists Need To Learn in 2018

Daniel Gutierrez, insideBIGDATA

7. Snapchat finally gives creators analytics

Josh Constine, TechCrunch

8. AI diagnoses eye diseases following Big Data analysis

Steve Bush, ElectronicsWeekly.com

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