Biotech Content Marketing: Top 5 Tips for an Winning Strategy


Content marketing is at the heart of building a biotech company’s digital marketing strategy. It’s a way to present biotech companies as thought leaders within their respective biotech niches, and also to attract biotech media attention through creating engaging content that biotech players can share with their social networks.

The biotech industry has access to many communications tools, each of which offer many ways for biotech companies to reach out to biotech audiences. The following tips are the best practices used by biotech content marketing experts in order to maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through written and video-based marketing content generated for different types of platforms.

1. Define your audience

A successful biotech content marketing strategy starts with defining your target audience, because everything you do will be designed to appeal to them. It can be challenging to determine who your customers are exactly, but here are some questions that will help:

  • Who is most likely to buy my product
  • Who is my brand targeting?
  • Who are the biotech influencers in my industry?
  • What content do biotech customers want to read?

When defining your audience, keep asking yourself “Who would find this interesting?” until you’ve found an answer.

2.  Refine your company messaging

Content marketers should start by understanding what makes their business unique from other competitors. This will enable them to generate compelling messages that have clear value propositions. It is essential to have strong branding guidelines in place, and keep your tone of voice consistent, your design clear. Make sure that your company values, mission and vision are translated into all communication that goes out: from emails and social media copy to blog content and press releases.

3. Know your platform

Think about your target market and where they spend their time online. Are they on biotech forums ? Will they be watching biotech videos on YouTube? Are they part of active and engaged LinkedIn or Reddit communities? Which channels are biotech influencers holding companies accountable on? Make sure you make it easy for them to access your biotech content .

3. Know your format for effective biotech content marketing

Formats that can be used for content marketing include traditional written formats, such as whitepapers and online articles, video-based content that can be showcased on biotech websites or through channels like YouTube, and live events.

Choose the biotech industry content type: biotech brands can use any of their biotechnology blogs on biotech social media, biotech email marketing or biotech webinars to deliver their biotech message across multiple platforms.

  1. Develop a biotechnology blog: Biotech companies should create a biotech blog to engage with biotech customers and boost biotech authority, visibility and biotech traffic. Consider longer-form biotech content that provides biotech facts and biotech advice, like guides and white papers.
  2. Host interesting biotech webinars: The main purpose of biotech webinars is to try to answer questions relevant for biotech audiences. It does not need to always be a Q&A session – biotech marketers might create a panel discussion based around a specific topic.
  3. Generate engaging biotech infographics: Infographics are not only visually appealing but also allow the biotech sector’s audience to quickly digest highly complex information. Infographics are a great way to showcase your company values, processes, products and also position yourselves in the market. You could also showcase important statistics and figures in a way that can easily be understood.
  4. Send out newsletters to keep your audience engaged: Use email newsletters to keep your customers engaged. Offer free biotech resources, biotech ebooks and biotech guides in your newsletters. You can also provide discount codes, seasonal offers and vouchers to retain customers. Stay visible!
  5. Use social media to promote biotech content: Promote your biotech content in relevant Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and Twitter threads. Use hashtags to make yourself easily discoverable. Your followers can help you spread the word about your latest biotech blog post or biotech video.
  6. Lead magnets: Use lead magnets on landing pages on your website to generate leads. These leads can then be nurtured via drip email campaigns.

4. Make biotech content easy to find

  • Power your content with SEO: Use keyword research tools and SEO tools to make sure your content ranks at the top in Google’s search page results. Analyze keyword search volumes and gauge whether they are important for your business. Is there commercial intent? Is the traffic likely to convert?
  • Create great titles, subtitles and headings for your posts. Yoast is a great plugin for WordPress blogs that scores your content on readability and discoverability.
  • Repurpose content: Re-purpose your biotech content so that it can be found easily across various media channels, including video, audio and print.
  • Focus on usability: Put the search bar at the top of your biotech website. Make it easy for your biotech visitors to find biotech relevant information. One example is to use transcripts for biotech podcasts or biotech videos so that they are SEO friendly. The transcript should include the key takeaways from the biotech podcast or biotech video as well as any links or calls-to-action mentioned during the biotech audio or biotech video.
  • Develop a healthy link strategy: Link out to other high-authority biotech websites and include links in your content. Let people know about other useful biotech resources online, like biotech tools or biotech software.
  • Develop an editorial calendar with planned topics and corresponding dates for when they will be released. This enables you to keep track of your content updates easily and fill gaps if something is delayed.

5. Offer exclusive content

Differentiate biotech topics by using original data, research and unique points of views to provide helpful biotech content that can’t be found anywhere else. This will attract new biotech customers who are looking for information related to your products or services. Content you can develop that will give you a competitive advantage include:

  • Survey data and findings
  • Results of a poll that you may have conducted internally, among users of your product or fellow business owners
  • Expert-written articles or thought leadership content
  • Results of original research carried out by or within your company

The biggest biotech customers want to work with biotech companies that have a high-quality with authoritative content that builds trust and is consistent across all biotech digital channels – website, online presences on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, blogs etc.

Whether you’re working on a blog post, article, or video script for your company website, there are three essential tips you should follow to produce the best possible content.

  • The first is that good science writing needs to be based in fact and backed up by cited sources. This will help ensure any claims made can stand up to scrutiny from other experts in the field.
  • The second tip is that if you want readers to take away something concrete they can do after reading your text, include actionable steps at the end of it.
  • Lastly, always have someone else review what you write before publishing it online so as not to embarrass yourself with errors or omissions.

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