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Analyze infection risk of common viruses
Cost: USD 600 | Time taken: 2 Week
The Challenge

Based in Herzliya (Israel), medical device company Inspirlabs strives to pioneer various technologies in the field of Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) that will protect medical staff in clinics and hospitals. The company’s eventual goal is to turn hospitals, clinics and medical centres into completely safe spaces for caregivers, doctors and patients alike. The client hired an epidemiology expert on Kolabtree to help analyse and compare the infection risks of various common viruses.The CTO of InspirLabs, Nadav Nahmias, needed a detailed analytical report, complete with charts, graphs and dashboards, on the potential infection risks of various common viruses and how they compared to each other. The insights were required to be presented as a factor of 3 different sets of particle concentration data collected during ventilation. The client also needed a graphical description, along with descriptive statistics detailing the analysis.

How Kolabtree Helped

Within 24 hours of posting his requirements, the client promptly received proposals from 5 epidemiology and public health experts located across the world, such as Kenya, South Africa and the USA. After detailed discussions, the client hired USA-based Dr. Nicholas Miceli, who had an MS in Public health and Epidemiology.Based in Tennessee, USA, Nicholas offers on-demand services on Kolabtree across various fields, such as HRM, Epidemiology and public health. With over 25 years of quantitative research experience under his belt, Nicholas was well-placed to assist on this project.The client requested Nicholas to sign an NDA, in order to ensure increased project privacy and confidentiality. With the NDA seamlessly signed within the Kolabtree platform, the deliverables were exchanged and the expert was able to provide the analysis required within 2 weeks, complete with calculations, statistics and comparative research.The final results provided by the expert helped the client evaluate and compare the infection risks, validating their plan to move forward with microbiological and clinical trials.

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Freelance Epidimiology Consultant
PhD, Department of Management
University of Oklahoma
Client Says

"The collaboration was very helpful and precise, especially since I had spent quite some time going back and forth with scientists within the country, but could not find anyone with the complete skill set required for this project."