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USD 50 /hr
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United Arab Emirates
USD 50 /hr

Molecular Biologist/ Data Analyst/ Biostatistics/ SPSS/ Graphpad/ Adobe/ Office/ EndNote/

Profile Summary
Subject Matter Expertise
Writing Technical Writing, Copywriting
Research Market Research, User Research, Meta-Research, Fact Checking, Gap Analysis, Gray Literature Search, Systematic Literature Review
Consulting Scientific and Technical Consulting
Data & AI Statistical Analysis, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics, Data Processing
Product Development Formulation, Product Evaluation, Material Sourcing, Concept Development
Work Experience

Medical Research Specialist

UAE University

October 2017 - Present

Medical Research Specialist I

UAE University

October 2017 - Present

Research Officer

University of Queensland

2015 - 2015

Research officer

Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology

2007 - 2012


Institute of Molecular Sciences and Bioinformatics

2006 - 2007

Executive Chemist

Qarshi Industries (PVT)

2003 - 2004



The University of Queensland Australia

February 2012 - April 2017

PhD (Neurosciences, Medicinal and Biomolecular Chemistry, Biochemistry and Cell Biology )

University of Queensland

February 2012 - April 2017

MPhil (Chemistry)

Government College University Lahore

2004 - 2006

M.Sc (Chemistry)

Government College University Lahore

2001 - 2003

B.S.Ed (Science Education)

University of the Punjab

1997 - 2001

  • Graphic Designing

    UAE University

    January 2022 - Present

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